Top 5 free apps for taking pictures with smartphone

These days, smartphone is one of the most important things for people. To illustrate, smartphones has been a source of almost everything, not only the images, contacts, calendar and but other important things as well. As a person who love taking photographs, the smartphone may be more important than what you have imagined. With some free apps, you are allowed to create and edit photos quickly so as to share your work or hobby to the whole society. Actually, the phone is believed to be the best friend of those who love photography.

01. Instagram


The very first thing to say about this app is that it is the most downloaded one, with more than 150 million active users each month and Instagram is also a tool to have for the photographers who want to show off their images. That’s true, because we love photography and what we really want is that other people also love our photos. With Instagram app, you can add some hashtag so others can identify yours. Expanding friends and follows is accomplished with different approaches. You will see a greater world when you install this app for sure.

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02. Zither


Those who love photography not only take care of such devices as cameras or lenses but they also manage many other things related as tripods, flash or memory cards. They have to suffer from looking after all of the above things. And Zither is one of the best ways that can help you get everything done. It helps you organize and arrange everything that you own for using then, keeping important information on the device or on the cloud.
That’s why you do not have to waste time searching for the old product box to find out receipts, manuals and warranty cards!


  • Scan the barcode of the product or enter it manually into the Zither.
  • Take note the receipt and serial number for reference later.
  • Data entry and Zither warranty will track it, alerts you when it comes to expiration.
  • Zither will find the user’s manual of yours and save it for easy use.
  • Zither will find contact numbers for customer service product when you need help.
  • Hold each note for each product in a handy way

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03. Aviary


Aviary is not Photoshop, but it is an image-editing. Using it is very simple and fun, which can make better pictures in just few seconds. It uses filters designed professionally, stickers and frames and some creative and editing tools quickly so as for you to create and share amazing photos!


  • Advanced editing with Hi-Def filters, Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night
  • Edit photos in your own style with more than 100 filters available free or buy more
  • Utilize beautiful stickers, frames and blending layers
  • Remove and replace the color with Splash
  • Draw, add text and create your own notes
  • Crop, rotate and straighten your photos
  • Vignette Focus simulator by drawing the selection area
  • Edit brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, warmth, tint and fade
  • Share your photos to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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04. Sylights


Are you looking for a tool to help you create the diagram of studio lights setup for the upcoming shooting? Or maybe you just want to store them for using conveniently later? Sylights will meet your requirements. Sylights is a useful application that help establish and arrange the layout of studio lights with illustrations to make it easy for you to understand.


  • Create the setup diagram for studio shooting in just a few simple steps: All you need to do is to find appropriate devices from more than 10 categories and drag them to your diagram.
  • Edit any scheme you have in your application library.
  • Share anything you want about the equipments and their layout.
  • Rotate and resize the widgets by two fingers
  • Enlarge or shrink the screen for ease usage and equipment selection.

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05. PhotoMarkr


PhotoMarkr allows you to add your personal watermark to the image or screenshot on iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a great tool for those who love photography and often post their work online. This application helps avoiding stolen photos and helping to avoid offenses and copyright disputes later on. You just set up the app in your first time using and then apply your watermark to any picture with just one button.


  • Create watermark from text or you can import images as watermark
  • Place watermark anywhere on your image
  • Move, rotate and or change the size of the watermark
  • Adjust the transparency of watermark

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