Best and nice Sony Xperia XA cases

Given a wide variety of case choices in stores and on online pages, you must be very confused right now. We understand your problems and we are glad to introduce to you a list of 15 best and nice Sony Xperia XA cases.


Each case in this collection is a star case. I mean every single piece of the collection has a novel feature that benefits your device. Plus, they are available in different colors. Now, please welcome you to take a look at and be surprised by the masterpieces we have narrowed down for you.

01. [5-PACK] Mr Shield For Sony Xperia XA Premium Clear Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

The Kit provides a full protection to your Sony Xperia XA with 5 screen protectors including UV clear coat, scratch resistant layer, optical PET layer, silicon adhesive and thermoplastic Urethane. Plus, the Kit also has a scratching card which prevents the screen from scratches and scuff, a convenient cleaning cloth to dust off the screen. Additionally, the screen protector is made from 100% bubble-free silicon adhesives and it is also very clear, which will showcase every inch of beauty of your phone.

Pros Cons
Full protection with 5 layer protective film schemas

5 tools including a cleaning cloth, dust collector, cleaning tape, bubble remover and instructions

May be complicated to use for the first time

User must take many steps to finish cleaning and protecting the screen

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$21.00″]

02. TUDIA Ultra Slim Full-Matte ARCH TPU Bumper Protective Case

Simple yet impressive appearance is your feeling of this case at first glance. Navy with unique design gives an air of fancy. Touching the surface is another wonderful experience, the TPU rubberized gel silicone skin case is so smooth that you want to hold it in your hands forever because it feels so good! The case is also designed to reduce all kinds of slips due to plain and slippery surface. Although no front cover is built in, the screen is exposed to no harm even when the phone is placed face down by means of the raised edges.

Pros Cons
High quality smooth TPU rubberized gel silicone skin

Anti-slip design

Raised edges to protect screen from dust and scuff

No card slots, cash compartments

No kickstand


[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$9.90″]

03. MoKo Advanced Halo Series [Ultra Hybrid] [Scratch Resistant] Back Cover with TPU Cushion Technology Corners + Clear Panel

Fans of simplicity and transparency must love this! This perfectly clear case presents the full beauty of your device while protecting your phone from harm. In addition to its crystal attractiveness, the case attracts you by its ultrathin and lightweight look. This MoKo Advanced Halo has anti-scratch both inner and outer sides of the case. It also has precise cut-outs for easy access to to all jacks, ports and buttons and you can press the buttons effortless without damaging its sensitivity.

Pros Cons
Beautifully crystal clear

Precise cutouts and

Ultrathin and lightweight

Premium material and anti-scratch surface

No card slots, cash compartments

No kickstand


[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$7.99″]

04. EasyAcc Sony Xperia XA Soft TPU Cover Crystal Transparent Slim Anti Slip Back Protector Shockproof Transparent

With this case, you are hassle-free from taking off the case when the phone needs charging. What amazing the most is its incredible flexibility and transparency. It looks like your device is wearing an invisible fabulous armor. The bezel provides great protection for the screen even when the phone is placed face down on a flat surface. The raised buttons ensures you have a tangible feeling when pressing them.

Pros Cons
Transparent look

Precise cutouts and

Premium TPU and shockproof surface

No card slots, cash compartments

No kickstand


[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$30.99″]

05. ACMEBOX [Ultra Slim] Anti-Shock TPU Gel Rubber Thin Flexible Soft Bumper Silicone Protective Case Cover

The case is slimline and lightweight. It hardly makes your device bulk up with slim and flexible TPU material. It is undoubted that the case protects your device to the fullest with shockproof and anti-scratch features. Plus, the screen is 100% safe from dust and scuff when the phone is put face down on a flat surface by virtue of raised edges.

Pros Cons
Slimline and lightweight

Shockproof and anti-scratch

Raised edges à screen is safe

No card slots, cash compartments

No kickstand

May be a little slippery

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$19.69″]

6. KuGi ® [Anti-Slip Series][ Dual Layer] Protective, High quality ultra-thin PC Back + TPU Cover Case

The look is truly impressive as it looks like a tough robot which protects your device 24/7. The unique design gives you an air of originality and technology-lover. What makes it outstanding is a built-in kickstand on the back giving you fun watching and reading experience on your phone. The case looks pretty tough but it in fact very easy to snap on and off.

Pros Cons
High quality TPU and PC back case

Built-in kickstand

Precise cutouts

No card slots, cash compartments

May be a little cumbersome

Not a type of female users

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$29.95″]

07. KuGi ® Sony Xperia XA case- High quality ultra-thin PC Hard Case Cover

Every single corner of your phone will be perfectly protected by this case. The no-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an extra layer of protection. Plus, the case is ultrathin and looks kind of luxurious. The play-through design allows thorough access to all ports and buttons.

Pros Cons
Luxurious look, Ultrathin

Scratch-resistant microfiber interior

Easy access to all ports and buttons

Vast selection of color

No card slots, cash compartments

No built-in kickstand


[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$29.95″]

08. KuGi ® Sony Xperia XA case- frosted style High quality ultra-thin Soft TPU Case

This simple and stylish case with high quality TPU leather and durable back shell will not only make your device look good but also free from damages. The beveled edges also protect the screen from dust, scuff and scratches. This case precisely fits Sony Xperia XA and is very easy to slip on and off the phone!

Pros Cons
Durable back cover

Easy to snap on and off the phone

Raised edges to protect screen

No card slots, cash compartments

No built-in kickstand

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$29.95″]

09. AMZER Pudding Soft Gel TPU Fit Case Cover Skin for Sony Xperia Xa, Dual – Retail Packaging

If you love transparent cases and the mentioned above cases do not meet your needs then check this out! This crystal clear case gives an air of luxury. Most importantly, it protects your device from wear and tear, abrasions, scratches and slips due to oily surface. You can freely place the phone face down without fear of causing damages to the screen because the raised edges are designed to prevent that. Plus, it is very easy to snap the case on and off.

Pros Cons
Luxurious, beautiful, clear

Wear-and-tear resistant, abrasion-resistant, slip-reducing

Raised bevels

No card slots, cash compartments

No built-in kickstand

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$9.95″]

10. Terrapin Sony Xperia XA Leather Case Wallet Flip Cover – Ultra Slim Fit – Viewing Stand – Card Slots

You are not completely satisfied with no-front-cover cases? Check this fully-protect case with high quality leather front and back covers. Additionally, the smooth lining will save the screen from any damages. The best parts of the case are a built-in kickstand and 2 card slots! Now, you can freely enjoy watching/reading on your phone with your favorite viewing angle. There is no need to carry your wallet around!

Pros Cons
Premium leather case with both front and back covers

Built-in kickstand

2 card slots

No round-window for time check

Plain look, not very attractive

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$11.95″]

11. Kwmobile Flip style synthetic leather case for Sony Xperia XA with convenient magnetic fastener in black

The closure design gives you a big surprise! It is a creative way to protect your device! The flip closure with highly protective polycarbonate shell, a synthetic leather cover and a magnetic clasp makes it quick to access to your phone. It is original, isn’t it?

Pros Cons
Professional look with quick and easy access to your phone

Protective polycarbonate shell, synthetic leather cover and magnetic clasp

No card slots, cash compartments

No built-in kickstand


[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$8.40″]

12. Sony Xperia XA Cellet Vertical Bergamo (No Flap on Case) Slide-In Premium Leather Case with Fixed Heavy Duty 360° Swivel Belt Clip

The focus of the case is a 360o Swivel Belt clip, which enables any-angle rotation capability. Therefore, your phone can be put at different angles. Plus it is designed to have a magnetic flap and flexible sides to keep your device stay still while you can freely access it anytime.

Pros Cons
360o Swivel Belt clip

Magnetic clap

Elastic covers

No card slots, cash compartments

Look cumbersome and bulk up

Not good at dissipating heat

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$9.99″]

13. Nillkin®[Flip Up] Qin Series Case Natural Ultra Thin Leather Wallet Case

The skin of the case makes it very comfortable to touch. Plus, the surface of the covers resists skidding and dust. Regarding the design, it has precise cutouts, which help you plug in effortlessly. The inner lining is also smooth and adds comfort to using experience.

Pros Cons
Comfortable to touch

Anti-skid and dust-proof

No card slots, cash compartments

No kickstand

[mn_amz asin=”®-Natural-Leather-XA-Retail-Package/dp/B01FLTKRFM” price=”$11.99″]

14. Women’s Cellphone Holder Case Bag for Sony Xperia XA

Hey ladies, you have been looking for an elegant and a little girlish case but find nothing yet? Check this out! A belt strap keeps the wallet from opening. This case is more like a wallet with a big compartment to store your device. It has 4 card slots, 1 big compartment for your phone and another compartment closed by a zipper. So, this is appropriate for ceremonies or hangouts in which you don’t want hold your phone and also your wallet all the time.

Pros Cons
Combined with a wallet, very convenient in parties and hangouts Not fully protect the screen

No extra protection for the device such as front and back cover

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$12.95″]

15. Sony Xperia XA Cases TopAce High Quality PU Leather Case Flip Cover

The case looks fabulous and brightly shines like a million of tinsels on the covers. It is original with the magnetic closure and clamp design. The elegant appearance gives an air of fancy while the interior lining is smooth and protective for the screen. Plus, this protector also enables firm hold preventing drops of all kinds due to carelessness.

Pros Cons
Elegant and bright look

Clamp magnetic closure

Smooth and protective lining

No card slots, cash compartments

No kickstand

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=””]


Above are 15 best and nice Sony Xperia XA cases that we have chosen carefully for you! Each case has its own original features. Some have several slots for cards and cash. Some have a built-in kickstand. Some are designed to provide extra protection by reducing slips and skid to the fullest. This collection has considerable diversity in styles, designs and colors.

So have you chosen an appropriate protector for your device? Or are you still hesitating over this one over another? If so, just take two of them, use one and save the other for a rainy day or when you want to try a new cool style! What are you waiting for?

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