Best, beautiful and cheap Sony Xperia Z cases ( Updated 2016 )

Stop looking around if you are finding a beautiful, durable but reasonable cover for your beloved Sony Xperia Z. We would like to introduce you some best, beautiful and cheap Sony Xperia Z cases, which are just perfectly befitting your requirements. Let’s take a look at this unique collection.

It’s a well-known fact that Sony Xperia Z, which is the most high-end and desirable smartphone of Sony, has been getting more and more popular all over the world. Owing to the powerful configuration, full of the most outstanding functionalities and elegant design, this versatile smartphone has completely conquered most technology followers. It is also considered as the formidable competitor of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One. The handset’s appearance is more eye-catching and glamorous with monolithic design, using two flat scratch-resistant glasses squeezed into the front and back of the phone. However, if your phone suffers from dropping or falling, it may be dented or distorted; especially the screen can be broken. That’s the reason why it’s worth investing a high quality cover for your phone. In fact, the truly high quality case can save stunning display from cracking, preserve those high-end internals from being shacked up. There are more and more handset cases with various designs, colors and material appearing on the market. It’s so hard for consumers to find the fittest ones, which are not only lovely, reasonable, durable but also match your personality. However, there are truly cases, which are superior to others, owing to their design, price and quality. Here are some best, beautiful and cheap Sony Xperia Z cases that are highly appreciated on the market.

01.  (Light Gold)2014 New Cover Case for Sony Xperia Z LTE L36h Case Luxury Aluminum Metal Hard Back Cover Case

With elegant, simple and durable design, this case is dedicated to people who want to show their maturity and profession. Made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum, it is like a steady shield that saves your phone from scratches, falls, bumps and other objective damages. Therefore, your phone can always preserver their beauty.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$21.00″]

02. Head Case Designs Elephant Aztec Animal Faces Protective Snap-on Hard Back Case Cover for Sony Xperia Z

A beautiful and attractive case! Many people love its outlook but that’s not everything. If you still hesitate to choose between great looking style and protection when buying a case, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Because this one provides your device both personal style and ultra protection. The hard shell is made of polycarbonate material providing premium thin and lightweight protection against back scratches and easy to snap on or off without any tools. Take it if I were you!

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$8.95″]

03. Head Case Designs Hot Pink to Teal Vivid Swirls Protective Snap-on Hard Back Case Cover for Sony Xperia Z

Girls, you will fall in love with this creative and beautiful case at the first sight, if you are a big fan of impressed and feminine color. This one not only brings your device a lovely and lively look, but also protects it from scrapes and scratches by hard-shell polycarbonate material. Definitely, you will satisfy with this product.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$8.95″]

04. Heavy Duty Armor Case Dual Layer Protection Shockproof / Impact Resistant Hybrid Rugged Durable Cover Case for Sony Xperia Z

If protective ability is your first priority when choosing a suitable case for your phone, this case would be your perfect choice. Including doubled-layer shockproof protection: soft shock absorption inner silicone skin & impact-resistant hard shell, this impressive looking cover offers your handset a outstanding protection against scratches, shocks and other impact. It is also highly recommended, as it is easy to install, contains precise cut-outs, looks great and gives your device a soft and comfortable feel.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$6.99″]

05. KingMas Black Slide Case with Belt Clip Swivel Holster Stand Cover for Sony Xperia Z

This case is the one of the best combination of complete protection and interesting swivel holster clip design. Made of durable plastic and provides soft material inside, it not only ensures your phone’s safety but also features special anti-dust and scratch-free properties that are expert in keeping a device always look good as new. Another highlight features of this one is the Swivel Belt Clip KickStand, you can clip it on your belt, also can be used as a kickstand for viewing freely. Don’t miss it!

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$4.73″]

06. Head Case Designs Tree Wood Art Protective Snap-on Hard Back Case Cover for Sony Xperia Z

You find simple cases having a leading tone so boring? Then, you will be interested in this stylish case, as it is classy design that brings a unique look to your phone, but also show your strong, independent and discerning personality by wood imitation cover. Precisely engineered to fit your Sony Xperia Z, the impact resistant hard shell covers backside your device ensuring ultra protection while still providing access to all of its features.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$8.95″]

07. Incipio DualPro Shine Case for Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Carrying Case

Unlike other cases, Incipio DualPro Shine Case impresses users by the simple, sleek, modern, and durable beauty. This case’s high density and lightweight Plextonium frame and impact resistant silicone core provide a double protection from scratches, drops and dust. It’s really a good choice for users.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$24.99″]

08. STPlus United States American Flag Hard Cover Case for Sony Xperia Z

STPlus United States American Flag Hard Cover Case is highly recommended because of its elegant, stylish and interesting design. This slim and durable case offers the strength of hard case while providing high-resolution design printed in the back. Moreover, it allows you to access easily all buttons and ports and offers a variety of other countries design. Believe me, this case will be the most stylish protector for your phone.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=””]

09. Fincibo (TM) Back Cover Hard Plastic Protector Case For Sony Xperia Z

Unique and elegant, Fincibo easily impresses people who is the fan of simplicity. Made with hard plastic material, it offers your phone an ultimate protection from dust, scratches, smudges, shock absorber and shatterproof. Come with durable outlook, it is really a worth case to try.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$3.99″]

10. TechSpec(TM) Wood Grain Hard Rubberized Design Case Cover for Sony Xperia Z

Do you want to change your phone’s look, but have no idea to do? Why don’t you start with this cover? It comes with bright color and Hard Matte finish rubberized design that not only brings your phone a brilliant look but also provides great protection from scratches and chips. I’m sure its unique printed design would make you outstanding from the crowd.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$0.00″]

11. COOLKE [Blue] BLUE View Window Wallet Flip Leather Case Cover For Sony Xperia Z

Fashionable and generous are words to talk about this cover! This unique design would highlight the original beauty of your device. It covers all around your cellphone, ensuring to keep your phone safe from bumps, scratches and other impact. This one also offers precise cutouts for easy and convenient access. Moreover, what makes it outstanding is built-in folding stand functionality that offers a landscape orientation-viewing platform while having minimal impact on the general use of a device. It is promising to bring you amazing experiences.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$6.99″]

So, that was our best and beautiful Sony Xperia Z cases. They are comes from different styles, colors and materials, so they are unique and beautiful in different ways. However, they are carefully selected and superior to other cases in the market. We hope you will enjoy this collection and find out the fittest cover for your phone.


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