Best and stylish Samsung Galaxy S6 cases

Without disappointing the customers, Samsung Galaxy S6 has been recently launched with significant improvements, particularly in the design, which surpass its predecessor – the S5. Galaxy S6 is now not only a smartphone anymore but also attractive luxury jewelry.

The first impression is the elegant appearance of the device. The frame of S6 is made of sturdy metal, while the two sides are covered with luxury glass. The specialty is that these two parts completely combine together to create a solid and beautiful monolithic design. The glass will change its colors when shone by different lights, which is polished in an interesting way. Every detail is perfected meticulously, even the camera is also diamond beveled for an impressive flashing under the light. Another significance feature is that the Galaxy S6 is surprisingly lightweight. 138 gram is such a rare weigh of a 5-inch device.

Other upgrades on the S6 include camera quick launch, smarter fingerprint scanning, quick and wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S6 owns a 5.1 inch Amoled QHD screen with 1440×2560 pixel resolution, much higher than Full HD standard. This enables the device to display sharply even the smallest detail, bring you the smoothest and most vivid images. Obviously, Samsung equipped its new smartphone with the latest protective glass from Gorilla Glass for the minimum of damage from dropping or scratching. However, it’s not enough to keep your device in the best original condition without a case. Like other phones, there are thousands of cases out there for you to choose. Let us help you to save time with this collection of best and stylish Samsung Galaxy S6 cases, which contains protective covers of high quality with up-to-date design.

1.Galaxy S6 Screen Protector, Spigen® [Full HD] Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Clear **NEW** [Crystal] [CR] JAPANESE BASE PET FILM High Definition (HD) Premium Ultra Clear Front Screen Protector for Galaxy S6 (2015) – CR (SGP11306)

01-Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

Maintain the original beauty of both the front screen and the glass back of your S6 with Crystal Screen protection. Hard coated for scratch resistance provides optimal protection by using high quality Japanese base PET film, easy to install and bubble-free. It will protect your screen from scratches, dust, normal signs of wear and reduce fingerprint.

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2.Spigen [METALLIZED BUTTONS] Neo Hybrid Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 [BUMPER STYLE CASE] – Retail Packaging – Metal Slate (SGP11319)

02-Galaxy S6 Case

This case is made of TPU, which is a flexible rubber material that will surely cover the whole bumper of the phone. The raised lip protects the screen from touch flat surface when you put your phone on the table and the metal slate not only ensure the safety but also provides a comfortable usage and luxury feeling.  The cutouts are perfect on the front not to interfere with sensors or responsiveness.

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3.Spigen® [AIR CUSHION] Galaxy S6 Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid] [Crystal Clear] Scratch Resistant Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for Galaxy S6 (2015) – Crystal Clear (SGP11317)

03-Galaxy S6 Case

Spigen is one of the most famous brands for smartphone case that ensures the high quality and the durability of this product. This case is defined fit keeping your device slim and lightweight. The materials are TPU and polycarbonate with transparent design provides a case-less feel and bear for natural impression. The case uses air cushion technology corners and features lips on both front and back for the ultimate protection from scratches and drops.

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4.Caseology [Fusion Clear] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Gold] Scratch-Resistant Clear Slim Fit Cover with Shock Absorbent TPU Hybrid Bumper Protection Galaxy S6 Case [Made in Korea] (for Samsung Galaxy S6 Verizon, AT&T Sprint, T-mobile, Unlocked)

04-Galaxy S6 Case

This soft, slim and durable case provides perfect balance of style and case protection. It is engineered to fully and superiorly protect your phone from drops, dirt, oil and scratches. It is also built intuitively to have raised lips for full touchscreen and camera protection.

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5.Caseology® [Wavelength Series] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Black / Black] [Shock Proof] True Grip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)

05-Galaxy S6 Case, Caseology

The Caseology Galaxy S6 case is designed and produced by one of the leading manufactures in South Korea. With a sleek design and single-piece construction featuring our shock-absorbing TPU, this case make a basic and powerful stylistic statement- and they offer the look of a hard case with the shock-absorption of a soft shell. Highly resistant to dirt, oil, and scratches, form-fitting to seal your phone in, and available in many colors, it is such an achievement in contemporary design.

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6.Salt of the Earth® [Riot Series] Samsung Galaxy S6 case [Black] [Leather Grip] Dual Pattern Leather Grip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)

06-Galaxy S6 case, Salt of the

A special deign which will makes your phone stand out. Available in different colors, varying from sturdy black or blue navy to sweet pink gives you choice to find one that fit and enhance your flavor.  Like other case made from premium TPU, this case ensure an ultimate shield against any damage in your daily use.

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7.Obliq [Slim Meta] Ultra Slim Fit [All Around Protection] Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases [Metallic Emerald Mint] – Premium Dual Coated Polycarbonate Elegant Modern Minimalistic Design – Best Samsung Galaxy S VI 6 2015 Model

07-Galaxy S6 Case, Obliq

This ultra slim fit case with soft non slip matte surface give you the most assured feel when putting your phone in and out your pocket. Besides, the dual design of polycarbonate and metalized back plate not only offer the best protection but also upscale your device with a young, fresh and eye-catching look.

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8.Verus [Air Space Cushion] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case [Crucial Bumper][Steel Silver]

08-Galaxy S6 Case, Verus

Verus case has a form-fitting and very slim profile so it is very comfortable to hold and fits great in your pants. It fits the S6 very tightly and has crucial bumper and dual layer to provide extra protection. The back is also very scratch resistant and the airspaces at corners do their jobs of absorbing shock absolutely well.

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9.SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S6, Retail Package (Frost Clear/Clear)

09-Galaxy S6 Case, SUPCASE

This is a fantastic case for all the minimalists. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Hybrid Protective Case provides a stylish but protective shield between your smartphone and the accidental drop, scrape, or scratch. Made from shock-absorbing top-quality TPU and PC materials with glossy finish, this case snaps on for immediate protection while maintain the elegant look of your S6.

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10.Obliq [Shock Resistant] Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases [Dual Poly Bumper] – [3 Interchangeable *METALLIC* Bumper Frames Included – White, Pink, and Blue Topaz] Ultra Slim Fit Dual Layer Protection Cover with Minimalistic Design – Best Samsung Galaxy S VI 6 2015 Model

10-Galaxy S6 Case, Obliq

If you are looking for a simple design which will be never out-of-date, this case is for you. It is an ultra slim TPU case featuring multi-layer and metallic bumper frames which makes it a good shield against drop and scratch damage to your device.

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11.Evocel® Heavy Duty Rugged Armor Case with Stand For Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015 Release) – Evocel® Retail Packaging, Black

11-Galaxy S6 Case, Evoce

Let’s stylize and protect your Galaxy S6 with EvocelHeavy Duty two layer Rugged armor Case. It features a TPU inside and a Polycarbonate shell outside with precise cutouts, which provides maximum protection and functionality for your Samsung Galaxy S6. A kick stand on the back of the shell can turn your device into a small media center.

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12.Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Black Genuine Leather Flip Cover

12-Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Black Genuine Leather Flip Cover

This case is the perfect combination of style and durability. The Yousave flip cover was developed with the user’s lifestyle in mind. This case, designed to protect the Galaxy S6 without adding bulk. This case is constructed provide superior protection for your phone. The front cover protects the smartphone’s screen when it is not in use and it is easily flipped open for full access to the’ screen – whenever you need it.

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13.LK [Stand Feature] Samsung Galaxy S6 Premium Wallet Case [Wallet Function] Flip Cover Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 with Stylus Pen [Premium Series] Dark Blue

13-Galaxy S6 Case, LK

The LK Wallet Case for Galaxy S6 is an intuitive way to protect your phone and also keep all your daily essentials in one place. The convenience and premium quality makes the Wallet a sleek all-in-one case that is perfect for everyday use. The magnetic strap has a secure hold yet is surprisingly easy to remove. The stand angles are extremely versatile for comfort viewing. The cut-outs allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports.

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14.Bomea PU Leather Flip Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S6 – Unique [SunFlower] Design Protector Cover with ID / Card Holders Plus Foldable Stand For Desktop Media Viewing – For Galaxy S6 AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Unlocked Version

14-Galaxy S6 Case, Bomea

The last one is a beautiful graphic design wallet case especially for girl. The cute design of this case will make your phone the center of attraction immediately after put out of your pocket. Besides, it is still a very sturdy case with premium TPU materials and a snap closure for highest protection. The stand view is also featured to bring you the most enjoyable experience of watching movies on QHD screen of Galaxy S6.

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Above are currently the best and stylish cases for Samsung Galaxy S6. With these cases, your smartphone will be greatly protected against daily signs of wear and stay new all the time.

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