Best Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cases

Samsung is one of the most competitive corporations in global smart phone market. To gain its market share against Apple, it keep introducing advanced version of Galaxy. The Galaxy Alpha can be considered as a breakthrough in Samsung’s technology.

First of all, the metal border is the unique feature of Alpha compared with other Galaxy. This accumulates the firmness of Samsung product. Even though there is extra weight from metal, this phone is still really light, which makes it easier for users to carry the phone along. Another advantage of Alpha is the battery life. It costs less energy compared to the brother Galaxy S5 so it is more suitable for people who have little time to charge their phone. However, this phone has some drawbacks that make it less than a high class smart phone. Those are screen with low resolution and the camera with fewer megapixels.

No matter how well the Galaxy Alpha can be protected by its metal frame, a case is indispensable to keep your phone’s fabulous original outlook. The following Best Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cases are what you need to solve this concern. This collection is made in the criteria of protection ability, design, efficiency in daily activities and price. It can be ensured that the material used for these cases are the most appropriate ones for the protection including polycarbonate, rubber or leather. They are dedicated to women with lovely design and to men with manly one. Let’s have a look at this collection to have a sense of what I mean

1.[5-PACK] Mr Shield For Samsung Galaxy Alpha Anti-glare [Matte] Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

01-[5-PACK] Mr Shield For Samsung Galaxy Alpha Anti-glare

This product belongs to Mr Shield – one of the leading brands in term of high protection feature. According to the worldwide reliable standard of endurance, it is ranked at 4H position, which can safely assure its protection against normal scratch. The screen always looks fabulous and clean thank to the fact that this product causes no bubble at all. Besides, it can reflect the sunlight so the image quality will be remained high no matter where it is.

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2.Galaxy Alpha Case, Spigen® [METALLIZED BUTTONS] Galaxy Alpha Case Protective **NEW** [Neo Hybrid] [Satin Silver] Bumper Style Premium Case Slim Fit Dual Lyaer Protective Cover for Samsung Galaxy Alpha (2014) – Satin Silver (SGP11093)

02-Galaxy Alpha Case, Spigen®

The case is facilitated with an integration of the leading protection technology nowadays. The material is integrated all from the high quality plastic substances. This gives the phone the great hardness. The web pattern on the back is based on a special technology that can absorb all shock. Four corners are protected with cushion against any unexpected collision. Especially, the border is made from metal to both make it safer and create the unique feature for the case.

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3.Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case, Terrapin [SLIM FIT] Galaxy Alpha Case [Clear] Premium Protective TPU Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Full Clear

03-Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case, Terrapin

In term of protection, this case is of high standard compared to others but in term of design, this case is a unique treasure. The simple dark color in the back highlight the transparency of the border, which makes it look like glass and make the phone look smaller.

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4.Galaxy Alpha Case, Spigen® [Air Cushioned Bumper] Galaxy Alpha Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid Series] [Mint] Scratch Resistant Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for Samsung Galaxy Alpha (2014) – Mint (SGP11098)

04-Galaxy Alpha Case, Spigen® [Air Cushioned Bumper]

This product is also made from combined materials including TPU and Polycarbonate. These two substances give it the elasticity for shock resistance and flexibility for easy installment and removal of the phone. The edge is raised higher to protect both the front and the back of the phone. This case’s design is highlighted with bright youthful color border.

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5.AERO ARMOR Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Alpha BLACK

05-AERO ARMOR Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Alpha BLACK

The competitive feature of this case does not concentrate on its design but its effectiveness. It is equipped with many layer and four cushion lined corners to strengthen its protection quality. In black and simple patterned design, this phone is a perfect accessory for man.

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6.LK Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case – S Shape Slim TPU Gel Rubber Soft Skin Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Alpha & Free Stylus Pen + Screen Protector (Black)

06-LK Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case - S Shape Slim TPU Gel Rubber Soft Skin Case

Made from rubber, this case has the advantage of this material to resist to scratching, shatter and especially rust. Even though its outlook is only in one color, the elegant curve pattern makes the design more dynamic. It is available on sale in 7 different colors for your wider range of choice.

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7.CASEFORMERS Duo Armor BLACK for Samsung Galaxy Alpha Combo Case with Stand and Holster

07-CASEFORMERS Duo Armor BLACK for Samsung Galaxy Alpha Combo Case with Stand and Holster

If men want a product to express their manliness, this case is exactly the choice. Its shell is really hard to protect the phone from serious collision. The multi-layer design strengthens its endurance. Especially, this case has two kickstands which can pop out to keep your phone erected without using your two hands.

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8.Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case for Samsung Galaxy Alpha with 1 Stylus Pen + 1 Sports wrist band + 1 OEAGO Cleaning Cloth (For Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Black).

08-Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case for Samsung Galaxy Alpha with 1 Stylus Pen

Similar to the 7th case in this collection, this one also possesses a manly outlook dedicated to men. The embossed square pattern can reflect shock and protect your phone against scratch. Its kickstand in the back gives users a comfortable experience when keeping our phone stand by itself.

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9.LK Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case – Luxury Wallet PU Leather Case Flip Cover Built-in Card Slots & Stand for Samsung Galaxy Alpha with Free Screen Protector & Stylus (Blue)

09-LK Samsung Galaxy Alpha Case - Luxury Wallet PU Leather Case Flip Cover

This is the one and only leather wallet in the collection. Leather is the material with natural high protection ability. Therefore, your phone will be safe from general wear and tear. In addition, in the form of a wallet, the case can also be used to store small personal assets such as money or card. Despite covering the case from the back to front, all accesses to the controlling buttons are easily conducted.

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Above I listed all the Best and beautiful Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cases that I have filtered from hundreds of items on sale. Each case represents its product line as the highest quality and most suitable design in coupling with Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The thing I am impressed the most is their very competitive price no matter how especially they are designed. Check this collection out. They are top of the chart for your choice.

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