Best And Cool Galaxy Note Edge Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is such a breakthrough for its design and functionality. Thanks to the extremely unique curved screen, you can do things that were previously only in the science fictions. At the first look at this device, you may not believe in your eyes as a portion of the screen overflows the rim, making Galaxy Note Edge an outstanding smartphone on the market. What can you do with this extra screen? The curve allows you to open frequently used applications, view twitter feeds, and sports scores through yahoo along with news for that matter. You can surprisingly do a lot with the edge portion of the display by swiping through it with your thumb.

It will be a mistake to only focus on the screen but not the elegance of Note Edge’s design. The entire frame is made of aluminum with chamfered edges making the device much more premium. All are exquisitely designed details and latest S-Pen stylus brings you a product with great appearance.

The front is where you will find the 5.6″ 2K QHD Super AMOLED display and a 3.7mp front facing camera for your “selfie”. The back is a faux leather cover. It also features a 16mp camera sensor and flash as well as a heart rate monitor.

Overall, it is out of question that the Note Edge is a fantastic device, a luxurious smartphone with a considerable price. So, you definitely don’t want your phone to be damaged unintentionally in your daily use. An extra protective cover is the best solution. Our following collection of Best and cool Galaxy Note Edge Cases may help you with choosing the most suitable guard for your Galaxy Note.

01.Skinomi® TechSkin – Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty / Ultra High Definition Invisible and Anti-Bubble Crystal Shield – Retail Packaging

01-Skinomi® TechSkin

The first item in this list is a laser cut screen protection specially designed for Galaxy Note Edge. Its material flexibility allows total coverage even on curve. Once it was settled, it looks like naked glass and does not obstruct the capacity or sensitivity of the touch screen. Besides, the flexible high-grade film is formulated to be “self-healing” which are able repair scratches and impact damage.

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02.Galaxy Note Edge Case – Ringke FLEX Case [Strong TPU][CRYSTAL VIEW] Premium Flexible Strong TPU Soft Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Eco Package

02-Galaxy Note Edge Case

Your Note Edge itself owns a faux leather cover which gives it a premium look. Thus, you obviously don’t want to cover it up! This case helps you to reveal the natural beauty of your device in time offers a flexible TPU gel protection with 2 layer soft and anti-slip grip. While leaving full access to all functions, full top and bottom covering, and ports of the device, Ringke FLEX has a tapered lip and lifted camera bezel that raises your phone to a comfortable height off the surface.

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03.Galaxy Note Edge Case, Verus [Heavy Drop Protection] Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Case [Thor Series][Charcoal Black] Extra Slim Fit Dual Layer Hard Case – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, International, and Unlocked – Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915S 2015 Model

03-Galaxy Note Edge Case

Look no further if you need a case for the “Samsung Note Edge” this case is perfect. This case is truly perfect in every way, size, looks, feel in hand and most important protection for your $1000.00 device. Even the camera lenses are now protected since it does protrude.

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04.Townshop[TM] For Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Extreme Rugged Black/Black Heavy Duty Impact Armor Hybrid Kickstand Phone Cover with Belt Clip Holster Case + Townshop[TM] Stylus Pen

04-Townshop[TM] For Samsung Galaxy

This armor case and holster combo offers heavy duty protection and a sturdy look for your phone. The case provides 3-in-1 complete protective set, including belt holster, case and a kickstand. The interior of the holster is lined withal micro fiber material to protect the screen of the phone when placed face in. This case is the ideal choice for those that need extra protection from drop and other potential accidents.

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05.[Tridea] Anti-Shock Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Case Premium Leather [Brown] TPU Case with Hidden Card Storage for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

05-Anti-Shock Samsung Galaxy Note

This case is made of premium leather pattern PU imported from the birthplace of Samsung- Korea. Its flexible and durable TPU material absorbs shock for superior protection. The interior card holder slot is also such a very creative design. You will surely be impressed with the feel and look of this case.

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06.New Oem Samsung EF-WN915BWESTA Wallet Cover for Galaxy Note Edge in Frost White Retail Package

06-New Oem Samsung EF

This case is made from Samsung, so it will fit all the holes and slots perfectly and there is never that creaky, “extra space” feeling you’d get from third-party cases. It replaces the original back cover, so it brings you the “it’s part of the phone and not an accessory” feeling. It also provides rooms for cards or driver’s licenses and protection while allowing interaction with the Edge screen even when case is closed.

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07.[Tridea] Anti-Shock Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Case Premium Leather [White] TPU Case with Hidden Card Storage for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

07-Anti-Shock Samsung Galaxy Note

Also an anti-shock TPU case for Galaxy Note Edge from Tridea, this case is made of Korean leather. It fits perfectly and protects the phone exactly what you want. The card storage spot though covers half of the speaker on the back of the phone, it will not affect the sound of your device at all. And the elegant white will give your phone a graceful look.

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08.MightySkins Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Sticker Skins Black Wall

08-MightySkins Protective Vinyl

You are looking for a unique look for your phone? This is for you. It’s not a case; it’s a vinyl decal which is not made of rubber, silicone or plastic. However, it still provides your device the best protection from dings and scratches a durable high gloss laminate in a cool design.

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09.[Tridea] Anti-Shock Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Case Premium Leather [Crocodile Black] TPU Case with Hidden Card Storage for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

09-Anti-Shock Samsung Galaxy Note

The materials are perfect as mentioned above but the design of this case is also awesome! A design gives your device a fashionable and sturdy look. It feels like the case is made of real crocodile, the texture and color are really nice. The case is light and slightly flexible which makes it easy to put on and take off of your phone.

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10.Genuine Italian Leather Thin Style Case for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Book 4 Wallet Business Handmade Slim Id Free Shipping

10-Genuine Italian Leather

The last item in the list is also the most premium one since it is a handmade genuine Italian leather case. This is what makes your case the exclusive one. This case provides not only protection from scratches, daily wear and tear but also large space for you to carry ID, cards and cash. Its multifunction and vintage look is ideal for businesspeople.

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Above is our amazing collection of Best and cool Galaxy Note Edge cases. Covers are essential tools by which you can keep your mobile phone at the perfect original quality or even make it trendier. Therefore, it makes sense to check out this hand-pick cases selection and finding the one that are both functional and fashionable.

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