Best and beautiful Samsung J3 cases.

Choosing an elegant and useful protector for your device is not easy. You may choose a case that looks cool but the shock-proof property does not meet your needs. Or you may find a perfect shock absorber but you have to struggle to fit the plug into the charger gate. Understanding your concerns, we introduce to you the collection of Best and beautiful Samsung J3 cases.


They are all made out of high quality materials. Each case has its own plus points. Some are very good at resisting shocks and damage due to accidental drops. Others have built-in kickstand and a belt clip holster. As a saying goes, don’t believe it until you see it. Let’s have a look at 11 great cases for Sam Sung J3 (newly released in 2016).

1. J&D [Drop Protection] Samsung Galaxy J3 Case [Slim Cushion] Shock Resistant Protective Premium Jelly Case Slim Case

You are the owner of a newly released Samsung Galxy J3 and you are looking for a good case for your device than BAM! You are at the right place. This case will fully protect your phone with durable TPU rubber, which reduces slips by accident. Plus, you can easily have access to all ports and buttons. The material of the case also makes you feel comfortable in every touch.

Pros Cons
Exclusively for newly released version 2016

Anti-slip TPU rubber

Easy access to ports and buttons

No front cover, only raised edges
[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$7.85″]

2. Tekcoo® [Tmajor Series] [Baby Pink] Shock Absorbing Hybrid Rubber Plastic Defender Rugged Slim Hard Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime / Express Prime

This case is by no doubt a super protector for your phone. The case consists of 2 layers. The first layer is made of Rubberized Polycarbonate with specific texture to help you hold the case firmly. The second one is fabricated from plus Silicone Inner. This works as a cushion to shield your phone from damage. In addition to its durable and highly protective layers, the case is designed to have camera lens opening. Although the case looks a bit cumbersome, it creates no obstacles to access ports and buttons of all kinds. All of the interface, camera lens, headphone jack, speakerphone and microphone can be used/connected with ease.

Pros Cons
Highly protective case with 1 shock-proof layer and 1 anti-slip layer

Easy to access all jacks, lens and buttons

Look cumbersome and a little bit heavy

Not very attractive look, look rather like a robot

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$18.99″

3. UrSpeedtekLive [Shock Absorption] Dual Layer Hybrid Defender Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 / Express Prime / Amp Prime – Don’t Touch

If you are into cases with cool designs then this one is for you! Like the previous case, this case also has 2 layers. However, the materials are different and so is the decoration. This cover has a hard PC cover and a layer of silica gel set which absorbs shock perfectly. The combination of these layers gives your phone double protection. Another advantage of this case is its 0.5 mm raised bezel and rear guards. They lift the screen and keep the camera from the surface. Plus, the cutouts are made to let you use all the features of your phone without limits. What makes this case attractive is the funny decoration on the back.

Pros Cons
Double protection with a hard PC cover and a layer of silica gel set

Protect screen and camera from scratches of the surface with raised edges

Beautiful cutouts

Attractive decoration

Look big

May be inconvenient to be kept in the pocket.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$19.99″

4. ElBolt® Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Amp Prime Grenadein Combat Case – Blue with Free HD Screen Protector

The appearance of the case may give you a wrong impression on its thinness. The case looks like a machine with some raised rectangular patterns on the back surface. However, it is one of the thinnest cases on the market. Firstly, let’s start with the front cover. It protects the screen from scratches. It is anti-fingerprint and allows responsive touch and clear vision. In addition to a good front, ElBolt case features a kickstand for your hands-free viewing experience. The kickstand is built in so it is quite neat and does not take up any space. The cutouts of the case also enable you to use all features to your will. There are 6 colors up for grabs.

Pros Cons
Thin and neat in 1 hand grab

1 built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing experience

Anti-fingerprint, clear view, scratch-reduced

Good cutouts

6 colors available

Look cumbersome

May not be for those who love lovely decoration

[mn_amz asin=”®-Samsung-Galaxy-Grenade-Combat/dp/B01G4FNTVG” price=”$39.99″

5. [2-PACK]-Mr Shield For Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector [0.3mm Ultra Thin 9H Hardness 2.5D Round Edge] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

As its name suggests, Mr Shield is 100% bubble-free silicon adhesive and it is highly transparent. What contributes to its name is the feature of 9H HARD-COATED scratch resistant protection. It is 0.3 mm thin and it features 2.5D Round Edge. When you order Mr.Shield, you will receive instructions, scratching card, cleaning cloth, dust collecter and removing tapes beside the Mr.Shield itself.

Pros Cons
Crystal clear

Highly scratch-resistant (9H)

Protect phone from damage due to accidental drops

One full kit for utmost maintenance

Front protection only

It takes time and care to put Mr. Shield into your phone

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$21.00″

6. OEAGO Premium Ultra Slim Thin Clear Flexible Soft TPU Gel Skin Cover Shell for Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) / Amp Prime / Express Prime – Clear

The case is very simple and it suits simplicity lover or crystal lover well. It has no front cover but it is designed to have raised edges that keep the screen from scratches due to exposure to the surface. It creates no bulk so you can feel free to keep it in your pocket. Most importantly, it is made from lightweight anti-scratch flexible soft TPU gel material.

Pros Cons
Crystal clear and slimline

Scratch-resistant flexible soft TPU material

Raised edges to protect the screen

Crystal may look old through time
[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$15.99″

7. OEAGO [Hybrid Bumper] Shockproof Case and Clear Hard Back Panel for Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) / Amp Prime / Galaxy Express Prime – Clear

Here comes another clear case. However, this one differs from the previous case. It is a combination of a clear polycarbonate back panel and TPU bumper. It also has an anti-scratch coating. Therefore, it can both shows the beauty of your device and keeps it clean all the time.

Pros Cons
Crystal clear and slimline

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate back panel and TPU bumper

Easy access to all features

Crystal may look old through time
[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$29.99″]

8. TILL(TM) Shock Absorbing Rugged Holster Locking Belt Swivel Clip Defender Heavy Duty Kickstand Case Cover For Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime /Express Prime – Red

This case is impressive in a few aspects. Its appearance gives people the feeling of looking at a sophisticated armor. It is designed to have many layers in order to absorb the damage and the shock of drops. What makes it even more appealing is a 180 rotating belt clip holster, which enables you to carry it around hassle-free. Your device can be shielded by 2 layers on the back and 1 layer on the front, which is also the clip hoster. In addition to its extra protection, the case also helps you to grab the phone firmly and it has a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing.experience.

Pros Cons
Many layers to reduce shock and damage

Built-in kickstand

A 180 rotating belt clip holster

Full access to all ports and buttons

Difficult to clean the case because of the patterns for firm-grip on the back
[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$22.99″]

9. Heng Tech (TM) Hybrid Dual Layer Combo Armor Defender Protective Case With Kickstand + Belt Clip Holster

Another guard is here to protect your device. One of the outstanding points of this case is its cushions on four corners of the phone, which are made out of shock-resistant TPU. It also has transparent coating. Additionally, it is designed to have a snap for the charger gate. Additionally, it features a 360 degree rotary belt clip which works as a kickstand. Plus, it has a mult-use clip on the back for easy carry.

Pros Cons
Cushions for 4 corners of the phone

Built-in kickstand

Belt clip holster

Full access to all ports and buttons

No feature to increase firm grab
[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$9.59″]

10. UrSpeedtekLive [Shock Absorption] Dual Layer Hybrid Defender Cover Case / Express Prime / Amp Prime – Love Tree

Artistically colorful tree on the back of your phone case, why not? It is very eye-catching. Of course, the beautiful appearance is not the only why you should choose this case. It is also highly protective with an outer hard plastic shell. The inner soft silicone gel works like a perfect mat for your device when it is put down. In addition to the attractive look and extra protection it has, the case also gives you comfort in using ports buttons because of sophisticated cutouts.

Pros Cons
soft silicone gel and durable plastic shell

Full access to all ports and buttons

Artistically beautiful decoration on printed leather layer

Adequate thickness

Compared with others: no built-in kickstand, no belt clip holster
[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$19.99″]

11. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Leather Flip Case, SM-J320P Slim Folio Phone Cover w/ Card Slot (Red)

Among a lot of only-back-cover cases in this collection, this one stands out because it covers both back and front surface. It is made of PU leather and it has built-in anti-fracture PC panel. Another advantage it possesses is a card slot. You can carry your room card or your credit card without the hassle of carrying a bag. As for appearance, the case looks elegant and slim. It may contribute to your confidence in front of people.

Pros Cons
Cover both back and front

Durable PU leather and anti-crack PC panel

1 card slot


Compared with others: no built-in kickstand, no belt clip holster


[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$12.99″


Above is the collection of Best and beautiful Samsung J3 cases. Have you chosen one for your phone?

Each case has its own original points. Some may have the look or a few features in common but they differ greatly in several points such as the pattern of the back cover, the material, the thickness and the cutouts. What if you find more than one case that suits your phone well? Just take them all. You never know when you need a refresh for your device. Plus, it is time consuming to choose a good case.

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