Best And Cool BLU Advance 4.0 Cases

As smart phone is a prosperous market, many corporate have joined the competition for a market share. BLU advance 4.0 is a product line targeting at the lower price market segment.

Despite its low price, this phone is reliable for its endurance. It can be resistant to light bump and water to some extends. Besides, wireless connection, memory capacity and camera are of good quality. It can be connected by 4G wireless technology. 30 frames per second recording can be considered as the highest fps rating. However, the drawback of this phone is its design. Its weight is a little heavy compared with other phones with similar dimensions. Furthermore, it is a little bit small for the hand size of the users. Therefore, it seems like it is not exactly a classy smart phone that we are using.

No matter how durable this phone can be, good protection is always necessary to keep it be with you long enough. In addition, as appearance is not a strong point of BLU advance 4.0, it is even better to have something to distinguish your phone from others. It is what the Best and cool BLU advance 4.0 cases provides. They focus most on the usefulness of your phones in different chances. Their unique designs help you highlight your personality in the simplest way. No matter how old or what gender you are, you can also find something that suits you most within this collection. Why don’t you take a look and experience yourself?

01.Skinomi® TechSkin – BLU Advance 4.0 Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty / Ultra High Definition Invisible and Anti-Bubble Crystal Shield – Retail Packaging

01-Skinomi® TechSkin - BLU Advance 4

Skinomi product is superior in three ways: great protection techniques guaranteed by military standard, easy installation without bubble or error, and optical transparency. Above all, this screen protector is dedicated solely for BLU Advance 4.0, which makes sure that its cut fits elegantly with the phone’s dimensions.

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02.Reiko Silicon Case and Protector Cover for BLU Advance 4.0 A270 – Retail Packaging – Black

02-Reiko Silicon Case and Protector Cover for BLU Advance 4

Two opposite physical features, being hard and soft, are all combined in this case to strengthen its endurance against external pressure. The case dimensions are precisely calculated to easily fit with the phone. Moreover, its appearance is unique with strange patterns, which makes it look fashionable.

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03.AIMO Progressive Guerilla Armor Case w/ Built-in Kickstand for BLU Advance 4 0 A270A – (White / Hot Pink)

03-AIMO Progressive Guerilla Armor Case w Built-in Kickstand for BLU Advance 4 0 A270A

At first glance, this case looks like a toy for kids because of its lovely pink appearance. In fact, its protection is ranked as the top greatest one. It has two layers which protects against dust, bump and scratch. Girls, this is exactly what you want.

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04.BLU Advance 4.0 A270a Hybrid Dual Layer With Kick Stand Plastic Silicone Hard Cover Snap On – Black/Red + Tool

04-BLU Advance 4

If you are reluctant to hold a phone with the case because of its added weight, this case is your solution. It is extremely thin and light but this does not affect its durability at all. As its front edge is raised higher, you can even protect your screen without a screen protector when it is laid facing down.

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05.Reiko Silicon Case and Protector Cover for BLU Advance 4.0 A270 – Retail Packaging – Red Black

05-Reiko Silicon Case and Protector Cover

Also a hybrid product with both hard and soft materials, this case makes itself stand out thank to its great color mix of red and black. Specifically designed for BLU Advance 4.0, the access to all function buttons of the phone is easy. Looking for a case to express energetic personality, why not this case?

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06.Blu Advance 4.0 D270a – 2 Piece Silicon Soft Skin Hard Plastic “TOUGH” Kickstand Case Cover, Black + SCREEN PROTECTOR

06-Blu Advance

Made from plastic, the case is guaranteed against common bump. The cover is made in rough pattern to avoid skidding when holding. Especially, there is a kickstand on the back to keep the phone stand vertically, which is totally different from the horizontal standing case.

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07.iTALKonline BLACK Blu Advance 4.0 Super Slim PU Leather Executive Wallet Case Cover Skin Cover with Suction Pad Credit / Business Card Holder

07-iTALKonline BLACK Blu Advance 4

Being in a formal occasion and plastic case is not suitable? Such leather cases as this one are suitable offer to you. In bare black color, its look is mature and somehow classy. It is in the wallet design so it can protect both the back and the front of the phone. It uses the suction pad to keep the phone safely stick to the case, which makes it easy to take the phone out later.

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08.Cooper Cases(TM) Infinite Wallet BLU Advance 4.0 / 4.5 Case in Black (Pleather Cover, Built-in Screen Protector, Card Slots, ID Holder, Billfold)

08-Cooper Cases(TM) Infinite Wallet BLU Advance

It can be said that this is a wallet with a section for phone storage. However, it is still quite convenient for easy access to all buttons. With this design, the phone is 100% protected. Besides, it is convenient to store other assets such as cards or money. Why don’t you use this case instead of your wallet for better convenience?

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09.iTALKonline BLU Advance 4.0 PU Leather BLACK Vertical Executive Side Wallet Pouch Case Cover with Belt Loop

09-iTALKonline BLU Advance 4.0

Exclusive designed for BLU Advance 4.0, all edges are well fitted to keep the phone at constant place. The belt loop is manufactured carefully and firmly to ensure the maximum safety for the phone. Are you the one who loves the freedom when hanging out? If yes, this case should be your choice.

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10.EMPIRE Black Adjustable Car Windshield Mount for BLU Advance 4.0

10-EMPIRE Black Adjustable Car

Can’t hold the phone when driving for safety reason? Don’t worry any more as you have this car windshield. It is adjustable to fit the phone perfectly and is rotatable to put the phone both in vertical and horizontal position. Safe phone, safe drive. What are you waiting for?

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10 cases above are 10 unique designs of the Best and cool BLU advance 4.0 cases that have been introduced in the market. Each of them fit with a particular occasion in your life. They personalize your phone in accordance with your characteristics. From young girls to mature men, these cases meet all their spiritual need. Above all, they offer your phone reliable protection. It will be a great mistake to your phone without these cases.

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