Special Outstanding Features Smartphone Second Half 2013

Now it is not only the amazing race about the configuration, a series of beautiful smartphones is about to be released in the last 6 months and equipped with their own remarkable marks: iPhone 5S has fingerprint sensor, Galaxy Note 3 has a touch pen accompanying with it and Nokia Lumia has camera 41 megapixel.

The outstanding features can help these products become more attractive and appealing in the eye of phone users, or sometimes they may have adverse effect and can be criticized for not being effective. But at least, these special features can make smartphones more outstanding and be easily remembered by many people when being compared to the products of competitors.

samsung pen

S Pen has marked an impressive milestone in the history of smartphones as it has made Samsung Galaxy Note 3 become a real hot spot. With the support of this tool, now users can manipulate faster on the phone with no difficulty.


iPhone 5S is not the first digital device that possesses fingerprint-identifying sensor. However, the fact that Apple released the hottest-all-over-the-world smartphone has really made this feature grab such huge attention.


When it comes to Nokia Lumia 1020, people usually remember its most outstanding feature – camera 41 megapixel and realistic experience has showed that this smartphone deserves its reputation as an ideal phone for taking photos nowadays.


What make LG G2 become wonderful and receive great notice are the power key and volume key that locate on the back. LG claims that nowadays, phone has a trend of getting bigger and bigger, so the side-by-side arrangement of the keys is no more logical and suitable as it will be quite difficult for the users to manipulate one-handedly.

galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has come under the spotlight as becoming the first smartphone in this world to be equipped with 10x optical zoom lens.


Moto X has grabbed great attention not only because it was the first smartphone produced through the cooperation of Google and Motorola, but also because it was made in the United States and equipped with the ability to customize: users are allowed to choose the skin color, background, greetings, etc. before buying. They can also activate by using voice instead of having to touch the screen or press the button.


Sony XPeria Z1 does not have camera 41 megapixel like Lumia 1020 but it still can create great surprise and admiration with 20.7 megapixel image sensor. Moreover, it also has difference when being compared with the abovementioned products. Specifically, it has been labeled “the most beautiful waterproof smartphone”.


Meanwhile, Oppo N1 also creates its own mark when becoming the first smartphone with full HD screen having camera designed in the most flexible way, allowing to reverse 206 degrees from the back to the front, helping capture better and more creative images in many different cases.


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