iPhone 6 And 10 Features That Are Hardly Mentioned

The introduction of two latest models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has drawn a lot of attention to their outstanding features. However, there are some special things that still remain unknown to most of us.

1.Power button is moved to the right side

01-Power button is moved to the right side

Traditionally, most previous iPhone models have their power button place on the upper side. However, in this new model, its position is changed to the right edge of the phone.

2.Phase detection

02-Phase detection

iPhone 6 is the second smart phone (following Galaxy S5 by Samsung) to be facilitated with phase detection feature. It enables the autofocus with more professional image and video quality.

3.Focus Pixel

03-Focus Pixel

Thank to the Focus Pixel feature, iPhone 6 camera has doubled its focusing speed compared with iPhone 5S even though it keeps the same 8 pixels. Furthermore, the optical image stabilization feature, the full HD recording with the speed of 60 fps, the 240 fps slow motion recording and the larger f/2.2 aperture allow iPhone 6 to catch light 81% better and to have a better image quality.

4.Screen with Dual – domain pixel technology

04-Screen with Dual – domain pixel technology

Apple has applied the Dual – domain pixel technology screen on the latest models of iPhone. This supplies up to 500 cd/m2 brightness, so the view angle is almost unlimited regardless of the light condition. Nevertheless, it has been criticized that the black can be turned into purple if the pixels are not in the right order.



Reachability feature of iPhone 6 makes it easier for users to access to everything on the main screen only with one hand. Double click at Home button then the whole UI screen will slide down to help easier processing. Afterwards, by another double click; the screen will turn back to normal.

6.Better LTE/4G speed/

06-Better LTE/4G speed

Apple has completely improved the supporting function of LTE/4G in iPhone 6. This model is able to upload 4GB at the speed of 150 Mbps and supports the HD call in 4G connection. The device also supports 20 LTE wavebands, which is much more than any other products until now.

7.Better Wifi connection

07-Better Wifi connection

According to Apple, iPhone 6’s Wifi speed is three times as fast as that of other previous products due to the support in 802.11ac standard. This standard can work well in both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz wavebands. iPhone 6 is also equipped with VolLTE function which enables the calling via Wifi connection.

8.Smarter Siri

08-Smarter Siri

Apple has announced that iPhone 6 users can access to voice assistant function Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. In the previous models, to activate Siri, users have to press and hold the Home button.

9.“Green” technology

09-“Green” technology

The screen with LED background light of iPhone 6 is made up of environment – friendly materials and free from some damaging elements. Besides, aluminum shell and the plastic shell of the phone’s speaker system can be recycled. The charger of the new iPhone model also strictly commits to the global standard of energy.

10.The 2012’s configuration

10-The 2012’s configuration

The phone may be criticized by Android’s fan if Nexus 4 and iPhone 6 are compared to each other. The new iPhone model has many of its hardware parameter quite similar with that of Nexus 4 which was introduced 2 years ago.


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