5 Features Of Galaxy S5 That HTC One M8 Desires For

Even though they’re both top-notch smartphones and are competing for the top position but the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 still have many differences.
If the HTC One M8 possesses many features that the Galaxy S5 lacks such as the BoomSound Speaker, metallic design, ultra-sensitive touch screen; the Galaxy S5 is also equipped with “weapons” which make other competitors craving for.

High resolution camera

01-Camera phân giải cao
The number of megapixel-even though not the decisive factor-but plays a very important part if you want a top quality picture. At least it’s the conclusion of PhoneArena when comparing the 4Mpx UltraPixel camera of One M8 to the 16Mpx camera of Galaxy S5. Despite the fact that HTC advertise a lot about its technology, the truth is still the truth: higher resolution is the reason why pictures taken by the S5 is more detailed than pictures taken by the M8.


02-Chống nước
Of course, One M8 doesn’t mind a few drops of water, but what if you suddenly want to swim? The answer is definitely not. On the other hand, with the Galaxy S5, this need of yours is completely possible due to the IP 67 technology which can prevent dust and withstand the pressure of 1 meter depth within 30 minutes. Of course, the Producer does not encourage you to test this feature, but you’ll feel more comfortable knowing this.

Fingerprint sensor

03-Cảm biến vân tay
Even though it’s not perfect and fully complete but at least the S5 still has the fingerprint sensor feature. Users can use this feature to lock/unlock their phone or clarify transaction through PayPal. Yes, the sensor doesn’t work perfectly every time you use it and it requires the user to swipe with a standard speed, not with a simple touch, but better than not having it.

Removable battery

04-Pin tháo rời
History has proved that the lack of a removable battery is no big deal for most users. But with a technology savvy employers, the cost of removing / replacing the battery of the mobile devices cannot really be described in words, especially if you regularly watch videos, play games as well as 3G networks / 4G in the day. However, the monolithic metal chassis of the M8 One cannot satisfy your needs.

3.0 USB port

05-Cổng USB 3
We must admit that Samsung is the pioneer in the integration of USB 3.0 on smartphones. After Galaxy Note 3, the company has decided to support the new USB standard in Galaxy S5 and it is indeed a great news, because it enables high speed file transfer and faster battery charging through your USB port on the computer. For comparison, M8 One stops with older 2.0 USB connection only.

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