Best LG Optimus F7 Cases

Thanks to the development in more and more advanced technology, the world has witnessed the birth of many innovations and inventions that make great contributions to human life. Smartphone is one of the most indispensable products in the list of greatest inventions of human. With the advanced technology it owns, such a modern device has continuously not only gained the love and belief but also has met more and more demands of the users. Nowadays, owing such a ‘smart’ one is not a big deal anymore. In particular, the consumers has a variety of trustworthy brands to choose. When it comes to famous brands, it is undoubtedly to name LG as one of them. Recently, LG has released ‘a big boy’ LG Optimus F7, which satisfies its original fans as well as attracts a number of new fans.

For those who have just bought LG Optimus F7 or intend to own one, the next action you should take is to buy an indispensable accessory to protect your phone. In essence, reality has proven no matter how durable or strong your phone is, having some small unexpected scratches due to carelessness is inevitable. Therefore, having a case to help your phone against any scratch, being broken is really necessary. If you are considering what case will have the best quality, most attractive or most suitable, let our Best LG Optimus F7 Cases collection help you to find out the right one.

01.iLLumiShield – LG Optimus F7 Screen Protector Japanese Ultra Clear HD Film with Anti-Bubble and Anti-Fingerprint – High Quality (Invisible) LCD Shield – Lifetime Replacement Warranty – [3-Pack] OEM / Retail Packaging


This shield is made from High Quality PET film imported from Japan which contains multi-layers. Every layer has its own specific function that make it outperform other competitors with the same materials and manufacturing process. Besides the Ultra clear HD with crystal clarity it does have, it also own unmatched durability as well as ensure the ‘True Touch’ feeling for the users. What is more, thanks to the Anti-bubble silicone resin layer which is self-adhesive, installation is dry environment is not a business.

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02.DuroCase ® LG Optimus F7 US780 / LG870 Hard Case Black – (Aztec Elephant)

02-DuroCase ® LG Optimus F7 US780

Following snap-on design, this case is really a best choice for anti-shock purpose. Moreover, all of its cut-outs are well done so there is no need to worry about any button or port will be blocked by this case. Another feature worth mentioning is its high quality designed imported from USA.

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03.Solozen SV Jelly Leather Flip Cover Case for LG Optimus F7 US780 LG870 (Black)

03-Solozen SV Jelly Leather Flip

Together with TPU Jelly Casing, PU leather is the vital factor helping create Ultimate Protection for your phone. It is undoubtedly to say that this case is also a convenient one due to its consisting of slots for credit cards, and ID card.

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04.Rock Me Wireless (TM) FREE Screen Protector + FREE Mini Stand Holder + LG Optimus F7 (LG870, US780) New Triple Layers Hybrid Impact Armor Hard Plastic Case Soft Silicone Inner Cover Protector for Boost Mobile & US Cellular. (Black / White)

04-Rock Me Wireless

There is a combination between inner and hardened outer shell and silicone inner layer in order to enhance Shock Absorption function of this case to a maximum. On the other hand, your phone can prevent shocks and bumps at the same time with being griped tightly thanks to a soft rubberized feel coating.The four vulnerable corners are also reinforced and additional side grips are added for perfect control.

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05.For LG Optimus F7 US780 Silicone Jelly Skin Cover Case Black Accessory byHRWireless

05-For LG Optimus F7 US780 Silicone Jelly Skin Cover Case Black Accessory

With the professional black color and the perfect fit shape, this case is the ideal accessory giving your phone a fashionable look. The best quality material which is Silicone Jelly Skin will help your phone avoid any scratches, bumps, drops.

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06.For LG Optimus F7 US780 Belt Clip Hybrid Holster Kickstand Cover Case with ApexGears Stylus Pen (Black)

06-For LG Optimus F7

The design of this case is really impressive, the proof is that wearing it for your phone is like a ‘soldier’ wearing an ‘armor’. Your phone will certainly look very cool. Additionally, this case also comes with a kickstand providing you better viewing angle for chatting or watching videos.

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07.MPERO FLEX FLIP Wallet Case for LG Optimus F7 US780 – Mint / White


With the elegant mint white color and specific feature which is a smart combination between a wallet and a case, this one is definitely a lovely accessory for all of the girls. Furthermore, the magnetic flip is designed to ensure the security when closing. The inner protective shell is also durable and all the ports and buttons are well cut on so that the users can access to the phone without any restriction.

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08.XENDA Premium Universal Car Mount Windshield Rotating Phone Holder Dock for LG OPtimus F7 / F6 / L9, Optimus G Pro / Lite – HTC oNE, One X+, SV, VX, ONE Mini, 8X, 8XT – Nokia Lumia Icon, 1520, 1020, 928, 925, 920 900, 521

08-XENDA Premium Universal

This item is produced specifically for car users, which is a phone holder mounted in the windshield. The material is high quality plastic which is very strong and stable. Furthermore, the texture is designed to completely fit the phone with case or without case and the locking system is as well as enhanced with advanced technology therefore there is not any struggle for the user to reach the phone. Last but not least, with the special rotation ability, this holder can provide multi-angle for the viewer to enjoy the best moments.

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09.DuroCase ® LG Optimus F7 US780 / LG870 Hard Case Black – (Black Rose)

09-DuroCase ® LG Optimus F7

The main pattern designed in this case is a beautiful black rose which is like a charming dress for your phone. There is no denying the fact that your phone will look more fascinating with this ‘dress’. Besides the impressive outlook, durability and high quality not only are maintained but also are enhanced.

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10.DuroCase ® LG Optimus F7 US780 / LG870 Hard Case Black – (Vintage Wood)

10-DuroCase ® LG Optimus

Following the vintage style, the designer has made the appearance of this case look like wood, which is similar to any small detail. By the way, other futures such as the quality, cut-outs or installation are made sure to be the best and easiest.

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11.Ultra Slim Fit Polycarbonate Leather Metal Flip Case Cover for LG Optimus F7 US780 LG870 (Yellow)

11-Ultra Slim Fit Polycarbonate

The style of this case is folio one with the front cover can open and close like a book. Most impressive of all is the vivid yellow color that it owns, which must have made the user more stylish and young. What is more, it is ultra slim and light weight, perfect cut-outs which allow the user to access freely.

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If you have bought or intended to buy the valuable LG Optimus F7, there is no need to hesitate to buy additional case to protect your phone for longevity. I bet that you will not feel regretful with Best LG Optimus F7 Cases. Saving some pennies at the present however having to pay a big price in the future is not a smart choice right?

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