Best and cool LG G5 cases

Check it out! It is a list of 12 best and cool LG G5 cases which are durable, stylish and have a fair price. They are made of materials of first class quality and designed with care and love for your phones. You don’t have to browse through a lot of websites skimming every case to have a perfect cover. Make sure you are patient enough to go through all of these cases and you will have at least one favorite case!


1. OBLIQ [Flex Pro][Black] [Shock Absorption]Thin Slim Fit [Drop Protection] Bumper Soft TPU Scratch Resist Protective Case

We have a super protector here. It is designed to have the technology air cushion which can reduce the impact of drops and falls. Also, the inside of the case is TPU anti-shock with diamond patterns. If you think it is not enough so here it comes, another feature to restrict all kinds of awkward slips: the design of the side for firm grip. This time, you don’t drop your phone easily!

Pros Cons
–       TPU anti-shock inside

–       Firm side grip design

–       Glam metallic buttons

–       No kickstand

–       No pockets

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Absorption-Protection-Bumper-Scratch-Protective/dp/B01BOBL8SQ” price=”$10.99″]


2. PLESON® [Tou] LG G5 Case Cover, Super-Thin Premium Crystal Clear Case G5 Lightweight / NO Bulkiness / Shock Absorption / Scratch Resistant Soft TPU Protective bumper Case for LG G5

You love simplicity? This clear case is designed to demonstrate the beauty of your slim and elegant smartphone. In addition to its chic look, the case also aims to improve your using experience with its anti-watermark and anti-fingerprint feature. Most importantly, it fully protects your phone with raised edges, soft TPU bumper and camera hole extension.

Pros Cons
–       Simple clear case

–       Extra protection with raised edges, soft TPU bumper and wide camera hole

–       Environmentally friendly, no odor

–       Put on and take off the case with ease

–       No pockets

–       No kickstand

–       Too simple for people of different taste

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/G5-Super-Thin-Lightweight-Absorption-Protective/dp/B01B766KGI” price=”$29.99″]

3. E LV LG G5 – Hybrid [Scratch/Dust Proof] Armor Defender Slim Shock-Absorption Bumper Case for LG G5

This sweat-resistant case provides extra security for your favorite device with polycarbonate sturdy shell, soft malleable TPU and special four corners. Plus, its slim, light weight looks elegant for any female phone users. The edges are also glossy.

Pros Cons
–       Anti-slip grip on sides and back cover

–       Reduce-shock four corners


–       No pockets

–       No kickstand

–       Look a little girlish

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/LG-G5-Case-LV-Shock-Absorption/dp/B01EHS67T8″ price=”$13.99″]

4. Spigen® [Style Armor] Protective [Rose Gold] SOFT-Interior Scratch Protection Metallic Finished Base with Dual Layer Protection Slim Trendy Hard Case

What make this case special are its dual layers with 2 toned colors and its identical parting line. Furthermore, the inside lining is so soft that your phone will bear less impact when dropped. It is also very easy to access all the buttons and jacks.

Pros Cons
–       Slim lightweight

–       Glossy look

–       Retain fingerprint sensor function

–       Look show-off and luxurious

–       No kickstand and no pocket

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Protective-SOFT-Interior-Protection-Metallic-Finished/dp/B01BIHUCCY” price=”$24.99″]

5. Zizo Slim Dual Layer Armor Kickstand Holster Clip Bolt Cover with .33mm 9H Tempered Glass and Screen Protector for LG G5

First impression on this case must be Hello there, you robot! It looks so metallic and just like a shining armor for your phone. But don’t get it wrong! It is made for the purposes of reducing all kind of shocks, falls and drops to the minimal. Plus, although it looks cumbersome, it, in fact, is quite light and easy to carry around. Last words: don’t be cheated by its appearance, it is a great help for clumsy guys who drop any objects they have in their hands all the time!

Pros Cons
–       Built-in kickstand

–       Highly protective case against shocks and drops

–       Look much more suitable for men and fans of technology

–       No pocket

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Zizo-Kickstand-Holster-Tempered-Protector/dp/B01D21A706″ price=”$17.99″]

6. Arae LG G5 [KICKSTAND series] Hybrid Dual Layer defender Case,Anti-slip case with [ Concave-Convex Texture] Back with Shock Absorbing TPU Inner Layer

This two-layer case with concavo-convex surface may take you aback by its strong bomb-looking appearance. Despite its tough look, actually it has very soft TPU inner skin. Let people be in awe of your cover, why not?

Pros Cons
–       2-layer case

–       Original concave-convex surface design

–       Reduce slip to the least

–       Look much more suitable for men and fans of technology

–       No pocket

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Arae-KICKSTAND-Anti-slip-Concave-Convex-Absorbing/dp/B01E70K3VE” price=”$19.99″]

7. Cimo [Shockproof] Case Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Dual Layer Protection Cover for LG G5

The combination of dual colors orange and black totally brings a little extra pizzazz and new fashion look to your mobile device. In addition to its chic appearance, the phone is designed to be extremely slim. Besides, the beveled edges provide extra protection for the screen of your phone. The surface of the back is made to become less slippery.

Pros Cons
–       Deft combination of orange and black

–       Beveled edges

–       Very slim, almost no bulk at all

–       No kickstand

–       No pocket

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Cimo-Shockproof-Heavy-Absorbing-Protection/dp/B01C1XBY3A” price=”$7.98″]

8. Rugged Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Shockproof Protective Cover Case Impact Resistant Bumper with Cushioned Corner

Take a deep look at this phone case and you will find so many interesting points about its structure and design. It looks just like a Baymax of Big Hero 6 which secures your device from any damages. It is designed to have 2 separate layers including hard shell from polycarbonate and flexible TPU. Furthermore, this armor also features air cushion at four corners of its case. Therefore, impact is reduced to the least!

Pros Cons
–       Extra protection with dual layers: TPU and hard shell

–       Air cushion at corners of phone case

–       Slim fit

–       No kickstand

–       No pocket

–       Look not adequate for women

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Defender-Shockproof-Protective-Resistant-Cushioned/dp/B01CY9JXTS” price=”$8.99″]

9. VRS Design [Layered Dandy][Coffee Brown] – [Premium Leather Wallet][Slim Fit][Card Slot]

Are you looking for a case that covers your phone from top to bottom? You find not secure with open front cases? Don’t miss this! A high quality leather case with beautifully sewn stiches is open and close with magnetic flip. So quickly and easily! This is also a perfect choice if you are not satisfied with cases without pockets for cash/cards.

Pros Cons
–       Full cover with magnetic flip

–       Carefully sewn stiches along the edges

–       Extra protection in every corner

–       Pockets for money

–       The clasp cannot stay in one place when the phone is used.

–       Bulk up

–       No kickstand

–       Need more attention to keep this case in perfect state.

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Design-Layered-Dandy-Coffee-Brown/dp/B01BE4IQYW” price=”$21.99″]

10. VALKYRIE LG G5 Flip Slim Wallet Case For LG G5 with Card Slot Flip Cover and Stand Feature

Please welcome Mr. Classy Black! I have to say that the appearance of this case is likely to attract men’s attention far more than ladies’. About the lock mechanism, magnetic lock will keep your phone in use easily anytime and anywhere. Plus, it is hassle-free without a clasp. The case not only has a compartment for your cards but also a kickstand for hand-free viewing experience. What’s more, you can snap your phone in the case in just a blink of eyes.

Pros Cons
–       A built-in kickstand

–       A pocket for cards

–       Easy to snap the case on

–       Front flip made of semi-hard material

–       Bulk up

–       Magnetic degradation through time if the phone is kept in use all the time

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/VALKYRIE-Wallet-Cover-Stand-Feature/dp/B01DE66W4Y” price=”$8.99″]

11. Terrapin [Stand Feature] [Ultra Low Profile] LG G5 Case Wallet [Black] Premium Wallet Case with STAND Flip Cover

This case saves you from struggling to plug to any jacks and ports or to use any buttons. It precisely fits your phone! Additionally, the phone also protects your LG G5 with a sturdy cover from rubbertised inner shell. It is closed by a magnetic clasp and the clasp will not be an obstacle to your enjoying watching videos/reading books because it is kept stuck tightly to the case! No annoyance, just enjoy!

Pros Cons
–       A built-in kickstand

–       Hassle-free with a wise magnetic clip

–       Slots for cards/cash

–       Bulk up

–       Look tough and heavy

–       Magnetic degradation through time if the phone is kept in use all the time

–       Need a lot of attention to keep the case in good use

[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Terrapin-Feature-Profile-Wallet-Premium/dp/B01B1B1WO4″ price=”$11.95″]

12. Gift_Source [Black] [Slim Fit] [Kickstand] [Card Slot] Quick Window View PU Leather Case Flip Cover Folio Case

It seems like the designer of this case has made a long list of which features a case must possess. Check this out! A built-in kickstand – Check! Precise cutouts for free access to all ports and buttons – Check! No obstructive magnetic clasp – check! A rectangular cutout for time seeing – check! A slot for credit cards – check!

Pros Cons
–       A built-in kickstand

–       Hassle-free with a wise magnetic clip

–       A slot for cards/cash

–       A cutout for time showing


–       Only 1 color: black
[mn_amz asin=”http://www.amazon.com/Gift_Source-Black-Kickstand-Window-Leather/dp/B01EF7DNBG” price=”$11.96″]

Above is the well-selected collection of 12 best and stylish LG G5 cases. The feature they have in common is their premium materials. Plus, they are all made with love and care for your phone. They come in a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns so that you can have many choices.

Now, have you found yourself a good case for your LG G5? The answer is not NOPE, is it?

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