Beautiful And Cheap HTC Rezound Cases

The HTC Rezound used to be one of the best, most impressive and well-stocked smartphones around. It is the first handset featuring the common name Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio technology and including Beats headphones in the package. In case you are a music enthusiast and your phone is your primary music player then this is worth your investment. Moreover, the Rezound comes with an amazingly top-notch display, a wonderful and fast processing power, a perfect design. So if you are still using this beast as your everyday phone, then we suggest you find it an indispensable partner – a case. What we have here today is a collection of 16 HTC Rezound cases, all of which can give your device the kind of protection that will sure surpass your expectations. All constructed from high quality materials, these will handle daily wear and tear effectively. Additionally, these cases are beautifully designed and equipped with other useful features. For example, they are built with kickstands that allow hands free viewing and using. Or they can carry your everyday essentials ranging from all kinds of cards to coins and small notes. There are also some sticky skins that can be easily and nicely applied. With this collection of beautiful and cheap HTC Rezound cases, you will have a chance to find yourself the right case in the vast market of cases. So now it’s high time you checked out these marvelous accessories:

Generic Extended Battery Shell Holster Combo Case + Kickstand

01-Generic Extended Battery Shell Holster Combo Case + Kickstand
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Our first case is a combo that contains a shell case and a holster. There are, moreover, an adjustable belt clip and a built-in kickstand that can be used for hands free viewing. With rubberized texture, you can expect this one to provide great protection and really firm grip.

Body Glove Icon Cell Phone Case (Grey)

02-Body Glove Icon Cell Phone Case (Grey)
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This one is a slim hard shell with a soft touch metallic finish up top and a black polished finish at the bottom. Whether your phone suffers from light drops or hard falls, it is guaranteed to remain fully functional as brand new.

Aduro Shell Holster Combo Case with Kick-Stand & Belt Clip

03-Aduro Shell Holster Combo Case with Kick-Stand & Belt Clip
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What is interesting about this one is that you can slide the device out of the holster even with the case on. The rubberized coating makes it easy to hold everything in your palms. You can even make use of it hands free using the built-in kickstand also.

Skinit Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

04-Skinit Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos
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The next one is not a case, but a form-fitting skin for those who are fans of Peyton Manning from the Denver Broncos football team. You can easily apply it just by sticking it on your device. And taking it off is not a difficult task by the way.

Skinit Denver Broncos

05-Skinit Denver Broncos
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Aimed at the American football fans, or more precisely the Denver Broncos fans, this exceptional skin features the team’s logo on the back of it. It is easy to apply as well as to remove, with no residue left. Fitting your device seamlessly, this sticky accessory does not tamper with the functions of your phone.

Cell-Nerds NerdShield GRIP Case Cover (Lime Green and Pink)

06-Cell-Nerds NerdShield GRIP Case Cover (Lime Green and Pink)
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Having a look at this case for the first time may take you aback a little. It stands out with its weird look and perfect combination of colors. Despite that, it gives your phone the kind of protection that will not disappoint you, even just a little.

Ballistic (SG) Shell Gel Case (Black/Black)

07-Ballistic (SG) Shell Gel Case (BlackBlack)
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Having three layers of protection, we can’t imagine how effectively this one will protect your handset. Aside from those robust layers, this one also has the lay-on-table feature that helps you keep the screen free of scratches and dents.

Ballistic SA0788-M005 Soft Gel Case (Black Silicone/Black TPU/Black PC)

08-Ballistic SA0788-M005 Soft Gel Case (Black SiliconeBlack TPUBlack PC)
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Here is another case featuring three highly protective layers. The outermost, which is made of soft TPU, is co-molded onto the next layer, which is the one with polycarbonate. And the last one is made of soft silicone and consists of four extra shock absorbing corners.

Seidio CSK3HTRZD-GR DILEX Case (Garnet Red)

09-Seidio CSK3HTRZD-GR DILEX Case (Garnet Red)
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Highly durable, extremely thin, and light, that is what we love about this case. Along with that is the arachnid design as well as the ultimate protection it provides. And especially, all the ports and controls of your phones stay accessible and functional with the case on.

HTC Screen Guard Holster Case Combo with Kickstand –(Black)

10-HTC Screen Guard Holster Case Combo with Kickstand –(Black)
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Our next one of the best and cheap HTC Rezound cases is a snap on cover case with a 360 degree ratcheting belt clip for various carrying position. What you will also get when are a screen protector and a cleaning cloth that come as extra protection.

Skinit Denver Broncos

11-Skinit Denver Broncos
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Here is another Denver skin for the fans with the only difference which is the artwork. If you are a truly big fan of this wonderful team, we suggest you grab all these skins to show the love.

Seidio CSK3HTRZD-BK DILEX Case (Black)

12-Seidio CSK3HTRZD-BK DILEX Case (Black)
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This one is just nearly the same as the one that features the arachnid design and the difference lays in the colors. Instead of garnet red, this one goes in black, which gives you more options in terms of color.

Skinit New England Patriots

13-Skinit New England Patriots
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Extremely easy to apply and leaving no annoying residue after removed, this beautiful skin will fit your handset like gloves. If you are a huge fan of the New England Patriots, you must have this for your little device!

Trident Case PS-RZND-RD Perseus Case (Red)

14-Trident Case PS-RZND-RD Perseus Case (Red)
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This silicone cover is designed to be upgraded to the tough Kraken Shell. Besides providing maximum protection, this one acts as an anti-skin pad. Produced in red and gorgeous design, it can be the next one in your case collection.

wirelessoutletusa Thunderbolt 2 6425 Phone Case Cover Snap OnHard RubberizedProtector Cam0 Real Tree Hunter Buck Deer

15-wirelessoutletusa Thunderbolt 2 6425 Phone Case Cover Snap OnHard RubberizedProtector Cam0 Real Tree Hunter Buck Deer

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Reinforced with hard plastic to the sides, the case is extremely durable and can do an amazing job covering your device. The buck artwork on the back can also deliver style and beauty. The slots are precisely made in order to give you full access to the ports and functions of the phone.

Karen Deals OEM Trident Kraken AMS Hard Case Over Silicone Skin Cover Screen Protector Kickstand & Belt Clip (Red Black)

16-Karen Deals OEM Trident Kraken AMS Hard Case Over Silicone Skin Cover Screen Protector Kickstand & Belt Clip (Red Black)
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Our last of those best and cheap HTC Rezound cases today is a sturdy one with rugged contour and impact resistance. With the high quality polycarbonate exterior and the silicone interior, this case provides perfect protection. Not to mention the featured fold-out kickstand that can become greatly handy.
So that was all the cases that we believe are the best and cheap HTC Rezound cases on the market. Not only can they maintain the functions and the appearance of your phone, but they can also make things easier with their extra features.

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