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10 most attractive smartphones at the beginning of 2016

iPhone 6s, Galaxy Note 5, LG V10 are the most preferably chosen smartphones before an influx of high quality models of 2016 arrives. BlackBerry Priv Priv is a perfectly brand-new start for BlackBerry using Android as the operating system. It still remains its unique points with the sliding keyboard and its highly appreciated security system. LG V10 LG V10 owns a …

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5 smartphones with powerful configuration to be rolled out in September

Before Apple launched another iPhone, many mid-range and high-end Android smartphones will be launched to serve their customers. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5: One of the masterpieces in recent years to have impressive performances in New York. Galaxy Note 5 has powerful configuration with Exynos 7420 chip, 4 GB RAM, 16-megapixel rear camera and 3,000-mAh battery. S-Pen stylus on this …

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Predicting 7 Best Smartphones Which Will Be Released Early In 2015

Predicting 7 best smartphones which will be released early in 2015

Early in 2015 is expected to be the time marked by the presence of mass new “blockbuster” smartphones. Last year has witnessed the extremely stiff competition in the mobile village. Samsung’s profit declines significantly. While LG and Sony have bright business results. Officials from HTC can temporarily sigh. But the biggest winners are located in China. Names such as Xiaomi, …

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iPhone 6 And 10 Features That Are Hardly Mentioned


The introduction of two latest models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus has drawn a lot of attention to their outstanding features. However, there are some special things that still remain unknown to most of us. 1.Power button is moved to the right side Traditionally, most previous iPhone models have their power button place on the upper side. However, …

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10 Best Smartphones In Early 2014

10 best smartphones in early 2014

The HTC One M8 took the first place of One M7, then the Xperia Z2, the Galaxy S5. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S descended into 7th place and Windows Phone could not make its way to the list.

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5 Features Of Galaxy S5 That HTC One M8 Desires For

5 features of Galaxy S5 that HTC One M8 desires for

Even though they’re both top-notch smartphones and are competing for the top position but the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 still have many differences. If the HTC One M8 possesses many features that the Galaxy S5 lacks such as the BoomSound Speaker, metallic design, ultra-sensitive touch screen; the Galaxy S5 is also equipped with “weapons” which make other …

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Special Outstanding Features Smartphone Second Half 2013


Now it is not only the amazing race about the configuration, a series of beautiful smartphones is about to be released in the last 6 months and equipped with their own remarkable marks: iPhone 5S has fingerprint sensor, Galaxy Note 3 has a touch pen accompanying with it and Nokia Lumia has camera 41 megapixel. The outstanding features can help …

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8 best and coolest smartphones on the market

best and coolest smartphones on the market

8 best and coolest smartphones on the market Do you remember how your first mobile phone was like? It must be surprising to compare it with the phones available on the market today. Certainly we have witnessed great advances in the mobile phone industry, resulting in modern multifunctional smartphones that provides voice messages, games, social networks etc. The variety of …

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