Most wanted and coolest BlackBerry Q10 cases

The BlackBerry Q10 is like a combination of a mediocre smartphone and a usual BlackBerry. What you shall get from this phone are several creative features such as a physical QWERTY keyboard, a nice design, a vivid screen, an easy access to all the notifications or alerts. In the worst case scenario, it might appear that there is nearly nothing new in the package that can ideally attract consumers. But from a more optimistic perspective, this device is a considerable upgrade that all BlackBerry fans would fall in love with. So whether you are a true BlackBerry fan or just someone interested in this phone, if you have one then we strongly recommend you to scroll down a have a quick look through our gallery of chosen BlackBerry Q10 cases. The job of these cases is not only to provide durable and effective protection for your QWERTY buddy. Some of them can act as wallets which contain compartments for your credit cards or business cards or even cash and coins and can be carried to meetings or even a jog in the park. Some of them have a kickstand so that you can text, watch videos, surf web more effortlessly and comfortably. You will find in this collection 16 cases of optimum quality. So no more wandering around, let’s get right into our most wanted and coolest BlackBerry Q10 cases.

1. Kroo Universal Women’s Wallet with Stand & Magnetic Shell Case. Bonus Ekatomi Screen Cleaner (Black)

01-[Geek-Q10] BLACK Universal Women's Wallet with Stand & Magnetic Shell for the BlackBerry Q10 Phone Case


Opening our collection is a wallet that ladies can use to carry their handset and their essential belongings like IDs or credit cards around. It has two different sections to keep the phone and the wallet assets separately. In addition, there is a removable wrist strap included for your convenience.

2. Poetic Slimbook Case (Black)

02-Poetic Slimbook Case for BlackBerry Q10 Black (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)

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What makes this one of the most wanted and coolest BlackBerry Q10 cases ? The answer includes its slimness, its smooth leather like material, and its ability to protect, to fold back and to provide access to the headphones jack or the charging port. If you want something simple but effective, here it is.

3. Turtleback HD Leather Case

03-Blackberry Q10 Turtleback HD Leather Case


The case is heavy duty, solid, and durable as it is made from genuine leather and equipped with a metal clip. There is also a layer clear plastic over both the screen and the buttons in order to provide ultimate protection. Additionally, the design leaves the ports completely accessible while the case is still on.

4. Chromo Inc. Extended Portable Backup Battery Case – 3000 mAh

04-Chromo Inc


More than just a case, this one is a portable backup battery for your BlackBerry Q10 which requires 4-6 hours of charging. This accessory is proven able to keep everything safe after normal accidents. In order to charge the phone, you just need to slide your phone in and slide the switch and voila.

5. i-Blason CandyGel Hybrid Slim Case (Black)

05-i-Blason CandyGel Hybrid Slim Case for Blackberry Q10 Smart Phone (Black)


Appearing nicely glossy, this case might be something to everyone’s taste. It is made from polycarbonate that can cover the device ultimately. There are also no noticeable increase in weight and a noticeable enhancement in grip.

6. EMPIRE GLITZ Slim-Fit Case (Dotted Glitter Glam Gold)

06-EMPIRE GLITZ Slim-Fit Case for BlackBerry Q10 - Dotted Glitter Glam Gold

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And now let’s check out this beautifully sparkling case with its sophisticated glitter glam design. Not only protecting the phone, the screen is also secure thanks to the raised edge design. The makers also include a clear screen protector and a microfiber cloth as an added bonus.

7. Amzer Shellster Shell Holster Combo Case Cover (Black)

07-Amzer AMZ95781 Shellster Shell Holster Combo Case Cover for BlackBerry Q10 - Retail Packaging - Black

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Featuring an advanced locking mechanism and two layers of protection, this case keeps your phone completely secure in one place. This case offers an adjustable belt clip that is extreme convenient for carrying and using the phone as well.

8. i-Blason ArmorBox Series Dual Layer Hybrid Protective Case Cover (Black )

08-i-Blason ArmorBox Series For Blackberry Q10 Dual Layer Hybrid Protective Case Cover (Black )


Custom made for the BlackBerry Q10, this case is completely easy to install and fits the phone really well. The materials used to construct this case are far from perfect. And you can enjoy texting or watching videos with the kickstand that is equipped with the case.

9. Poetic FlipBook Case (Black)

09-Poetic FlipBook Case for BlackBerry Q10 Black (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)


Being one of the most wanted and coolest BlackBerry Q10, this one is equipped with shock-resistant shell, soft microfiber interior lining and a sturdy design.If you are seeking elegance, this flip style case is the one for you.

10.ECO-FUSED 11 PCS Accessory Bundle / Ten Silicone Cases (Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, Black, White, Hot Pink,Pink,Yellow,Green) and ECO-FUSED Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included

10-ECO-FUSED 11 PCS Blackberry Q10 Accessory Bundle Ten Silicone Cases (Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, Black, White, Hot Pink,Pink,Yellow,Green) and ECO-FUSED Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included


This bundle consists of ten cases in several bright colors for the handset and one handy microfiber cleaning cloth for the screen. These ten cases allow you to pick the color that fits your mood or interest and the cloth keeps your screen completely free of smudges.

11.IZENGATE Elegant Floral Skin Premium PU Leather Wallet Flip Case Cover Folio Stand (Turquoise Blue)

11-IZENGATE Elegant Floral Skin Premium PU Leather Wallet Flip Case Cover Folio Stand for Blackberry Q10 (Turquoise Blue)

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The interior of this case has a floral design which leads us to believe it is made for ladies in search of a lovely case. Besides its great quality, it features slots for cards and cash and a detachable hand strap as well.

12.Hard Plastic Snap On Case Cover – Panda Bear

12-Hard Plastic Snap On Case Cover for Blackberry Q10 (AT&T Sprint T Mobile Verizon) - Panda Bear In CellCostumes Retail Packaging


If you are looking for something unique and cute then let’s take a look at this one. This case features a panda bear artwork on the back of it. In addition, it keeps your phone properly functioning after unwanted drops. The cutouts are well done that you can still use the phone’s functions freely.

13.Mobo Lamborghini Cell Phone Case ( Blue/White)

Lamborghini Cell Phone Case for Blackberry Q10, Blue White

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You are a fan of Lamborghini? If you are really obsessed with this brand’s products then it’s time to show them some love by this special case they offer. As it is made with exquisite craftsmanship and of genuine high quality material, you will find this case nothing less than perfect.

14.Incipio BB-1029 DualPro Case (Cherry Blossom Pink/Charcoal Gray)

13-Incipio BB-1029 DualPro Case for BlackBerry Q10 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Cherry Blossom Pink Charcoal Gray

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Designed with two layers, this one offers shock absorbing protection and also maintain your handset’s safe after drops or other accidents. The material used is of high quality and soft that will give you nice feel and firm grip.

15.Walnutt Bumper Solid Collection – (White / Pink)

14-Blackberry Q10 Bumper Solid Collection - White  Pink

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Owning the design that is considered thinnest and lightest these days, this case will leave you dazzled. Featuring a perfect combination of two sparkling colors, this case is impressing not only because of its capability to shield your device but also through how beautiful it looks.

16.Covert Branded Faux Leather Wallet Case (Grey)

Blackberry Q10 Low Profile Covert Branded Faux Leather Wallet Case (Grey)


Closing our topic today is a beautifully and stylishly made case. Not just that, this one is extremely light and thin and also has some slots for your IDs or business cards. Made of premium PU leather, it will keep your buddy safe with optimal protection.

With all of them mentioned and briefly described, we hope that among these most wanted and coolest BlackBerry Q10 cases you can find the one that you have always wanted. Or in case you want to recommend us some more interesting case, let us know by commenting right below.

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