20 Best IPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Inch Cases

The introduction of iPhone 6 has been expected for months and has caused a slight fever across the world especially the one who is Apple follower. This is really a great treasury.

At first impression, this phone is a good balance between the size and the weight. It is quite fitted for hand holding and somehow easy to be portable. Its frame is in golden, which gives it quite a classy outlook. The quality of screen is still the same as that of iPhone 5S but it is worth keeping all that because of the wonderful features of itself. Furthermore, the processor in iPhone 6 is faster but its battery last longer than iPhone 5S. As a result, there is no need for you to worry about how to keep you phone survive till the end of the day.

Because this is a valuable creation, everyone who owns it wants to keep it as safe as possible. This is what the Best iPhone 6 plus 5.5 inch cases are dedicated to. These cases are made from highest quality material, facilitated with the most modern technology in protection. Besides, they are design in an elegant way that not only expresses users’ personality but also add on the phone’s unique characteristics. It can be said that they are the greatest of all cases suitable for iPhone 6 on sale at the moment. Why don’t you learn about them through this description?


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1.iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector, i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 5.5 Screen Protector – 3 Pack Premium HD Clear Version plus Cleaning Cloth + Bubble Removal Card for iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

01-iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector

This dedicated product has been introduced to catch up with the presentation of iPhone 6 this 2014. It is made of top quality material originated from Japan. Together with this figure, the multilayer technology provides your phone’s screen high protection against most external damages. Especially, this screen protector is resistant to fingerprint to help protecting your phone’s great outlook.

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2.iPhone 6 Case, i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 5.5 Inch Case Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case Plus Front Cover + Built-in Screen Protector / Impact Resistant Bumpers for iPhone 6 (Black)

02-iPhone 6 Plus Case , [Heavy Duty built-in Screen protector]

The great protection feature of this case is expressed both in its sturdy appearance and its highly protective design and technology. Regarding technology, it can’t help mentioning the material and multilayer technology. However the greatest of them all is the shock absorption technology which is incorporated in the case in form of the dotted pattern on the inner surface. The frame is raised a little bit higher to protect the screen when put it facing down.

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3.Hyperion Titan 2-piece Premium Hybrid Protective Case / Cover for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inch) Model Cell Phone (Fits all carriers of Apple iPhone 6 (5.5 inch) US and International models and carriers) NOT compatible with 4.7 inch model. **2 Year NO HASSLE Warranty** – Black

03-Hyperion Titan 2-piece Premium Hybrid Protective Case

This case has a strange-looking design but definitely a beautiful one. It has two parts, one of which is made up of silicone; the other is hard titan shell that can resist slipping. Furthermore, because titan is used instead of steel, the weight of the case is reduced to a large extend. There are cushion at four corners to help absorbing pressure in case of collision.

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4.iPhone 6 Case, KAYSCASE ArmorHolster 3 Piece Heavy Duty Case with Holster for Apple iPhone 6, iPhone Air 4.7 inch 2014 Version (Lifetime Warranty) (Black)

04-iPhone 6 Case, KAYSCASE ArmorHolster 3 Piece Heavy Duty Case with Holster for

It is another invaluable protector for your phone. Compared with the other cases in the collection, this case’s corners are facilitated with two additional cushions to resist to hard impacts. Additionally, on the back, there is a clip belt to make you more convenient bringing your phone along.

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5.iPhone 6 Plus Case, LUVVITT® [CLEARVIEW] iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid Clear View Armor Series] [Crystal Clear] Air Cushion Technology Corners + Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel – Retail Packaging – Bumper Case for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) (2014) – Crystal Clear

05-iPhone 6 Plus Case, LUVVITT® [CLEARVIEW] iPhone 6 Plus

Besides being totally transparent, this case also has its every single dimension completely fit with iPhone 6. Therefore, the beautiful originality of iPhone 6 is 100% preserved with this case. Being able to see through it does not mean that it is low in protectiveness. The combination of hard material and scratch – resistant coating makes it stand well any unexpected bump or scratch.

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6.iPhone 6 Plus Case, SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Belt Clip Holster Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case 5.5 inch [Unicorn Beetle PRO Series] Full-body Rugged Hybrid Protective Cover with Built-in Screen Protector (Black/Black), Dual Layer + Impact Resistant Bumper [Not Fit iPhone 6 4.7 inch]

06-iPhone 6 Plus Case, SUPCASE

As can be seen from its outlook, this case is very suitable for men and anyone who are sporty. In addition to a firm design, this case provides the protection for the smallest details. The screen is protected with the built-in design. Dust is kept away from all ports with the port covers. The hard material and multilayer technology contribute to the high protectiveness. Especially, indispensable equipment is this clip belt, which makes it more convenient for its targeted customers.

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7.iPhone 6 Plus Case, CINEYO(TM) heavy Duty Rugged Dual Layer Case with kickstand (Apple Iphone 6 Plus 5.5 case Black) ((Black)

07-iPhone 6 Plus Case, CINEYO(TM) heavy Duty Rugged Dual Layer

Two layers of this case functions separately but both contribute to the phone’s safety. The inner one makes sure both the edge and the screen safe. The outer one accumulates the firmness to the corners and the back of the phone. Especially, it is enclosed with a free screen protector that will give your phone a thorough protection.


8.iPhone 6 Plus Case, SUPCASE [Dual Layer Hybrid] Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case 5.5 inch [Unicorn Beetle S Series] Slim Armored Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus (Orange/Black), Soft TPU + Hard Shell [Not Fit iPhone 6 4.7 inch]

08-iPhone 6 Plus Case, SUPCASE [Dual Layer Hybrid] Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case

The greatest thing about this case is its dynamic design. It is a great combination between black and a bright, hot color like orange, red or green. It is also made from the same hard material as the greatly protective cases in the collection. Using this case, users can remove your phone from it any time you want and put it back easily thank to snap-on design.

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9.iPhone 6 Plus Case, JETech® Slim-Fit iPhone 6 Plus Case 5.5″ Logo Cut-Out for Apple iPhone 6 5.5 Inch Release on 2014 (Slim Fit – Black)

09-iPhone 6 Plus Case

This case is outstanding because of its great slimness, which makes users feel as if there were nothing outside their phone. However, its protectiveness is nothing less than other cases. Especially technology is applied to absorb shock. Especially, the case is cut out at the logo position so that you can proudly present your new items with other people.

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10.Case for iPhone 6 Plus – Bear Motion For iPhone 6 5.5″ (iPhone 6 Plus) – Back Cover Case for iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch Screen – Sand (Black)

10-Case for iPhone 6 Plus - Bear Motion For iPhone 6 5

The design of this case is very simple to highlight the fact that it is somehow rough to protect against slip. It is highly protective in the case of minor collision or scratch. Its greatest feature is definitely its light weight and slimness, which is quite suitable for people who love the mobility.


11.iPhone 6 Plus Case, Spigen® [Card Holder] iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) Case Wallet [Slim Armor CS] [Gunmetal] With Card Holder Advanced Shock Absorption Protective Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) (2014) – Gunmetal (SGP10910)

11-iPhone 6 Plus Case, Spigen® [Card Holder] iPhone 6 Plus

This is the most special multifunctional case in the collection. It acts as a case and a wallet to store cards at the same time. Once you want to get your card out, you only need to slide the cover down otherwise; this sliding cover will keep it safely. Besides being made from high quality material, it is facilitated with shock absorption technology.

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12.iPhone 6 Plus Case, i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Inch Prime Series Dual Layer Holster Case Plus Kickstand + Locking Belt Swivel Clip for iPhone 6 Plus (Black)

12-iPhone 6 Plus Case, [Heavy Duty Holster] i-Blason Prime

This is another product in the manly designed, highly protective style. Every of its angle is well protected. However, it is somehow more specially to the other product in the fact that it can be multifunctional. Once you want to free your hand from holding the phone all the time, there is a kickstand one the case to keep you phone erected.

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13.FYY® Ultra Slim Magnetic Smart Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inch screen) White (With Auto Wake/Sleep Feature)

13-FYY® Ultra Slim Magnetic Smart Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

This case is made from leather – a traditional material for folding case. However, in this case, it is combined with hard shell to make sure that you phone get the optimal protection. One extraordinary feature is its adjustable angles to enable the view in different direction. The case is equipped with a magnetic closure which can make your phone awaken or sleep by its opening or closing.

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14.iPhone 6 PLUS Case, iPhone 6 PLUS with 5.5″ Screen Flip Case/Cover – SLIDE SERIES – By Cush Cases – [Features transparent window to view alerts PATENTED “Finger Slide” feature allows you to answer calls without opening case!] (Black / Red)

14-iPhone 6 PLUS Case, iPhone 6 PLUS with 5

The case is cut out in the right position so that you can observe some information on your screen or answer the phone by sliding. Additionally, there is another way for you to answer the phone by using the case’s magnet. The material used to make to case is flexible so it is also flexible in dealing with external pressure.

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15.Case for iPhone 6 Plus – Bear Motion For iPhone 6 Plus Case – Premium Folio Case for (iPhone 6 Plus) iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch Screen (Black)

15-Case for iPhone 6 Plus - Bear Motion For iPhone 6 Plus Case

This case is a traditional styled leather case. Its specialness is in the quality of the case. It is a premium kind, which at the same time assure the great protection of this case. With the folding design, it protects the phone thoroughly from the back to the front. There is some slot for storing cards inside the case.

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16.iPhone 6 Plus Case, i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Plus Case 5.5 Inch Transformer Slim Hard Shell Case Holster Combo Plus Kickstand + Locking Belt Swivel Clip for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Black)

16-iPhone 6 Plus Case, [Slim Holster]

Besides the familiar features, such as: owning precise cutouts for buttons, ports,..; being made from the high-quality, long-lasting material,… this iPhone 6 case also stands out from the crowd with its built-in standing which provides new viewing angles, both horizontally and vertically. Want to know more details? Please follow this link

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17.iPhone 6 Plus Armband, SUPCASE Apple iPhone 6 Plus Armband 5.5 inch Easy Fitting Sport Running Armband with Premium Flexible Case Combo for iPhone 6 Plus Case (Black), Not Fit iPhone 6 4.7 inch

17-iPhone 6 Plus Armband

It’s time to forget all the big cases! This SUPCASE is small and convenient enough to fit to your arm size, so that you can enjoy using the iPhone 6 while working out. Bonus, there is also an armband attached with it and it’s washable by hand after being used. Great!

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18.iPhone 6 Plus Case – Exact Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Case [BillFOLD Series] – PU Leather Wallet Flip Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch) White

18-iPhone 6 Plus Case - Exact Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5

It’s simple. It’s elegant. It’s unique. Yes, this stunning case is made for the iPhone 6 only. To be concrete, the case uses high quality leather to boost a classy look for it as well as build a protective shield standing between the iPhone and other harmful factors. What’s more? This is a wallet case, which means that there are spacious interior slots for users to keep their stuffs, such as: cards, money,… I love it!

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This case is the 20 Best and cool iPhone 6 plus 5.5 inch case I have seen since the introduction of this wonderful smart phone. They are produced dedicatedly to iPhone 6 so they fit to every corner of all of its dimensions. They do not make the dynamic in iPhone design faded away but in contrast, add some more new breath in to it. They are highly protective but at a very reasonable price. This is really your optimal choices.

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