Beautiful And Cheap MacBook Air Cases 13 Inch ( Updated 2016 )

This is Apple’s latest smart device in the generation of MacBook Air which stirs up the whole digital market in the recent years. None of its competitors have surpassed it and Macbook Air is still leading the line. This product now has the 13 inch version and successfully combines great factors of Apple product.

The 13-inch in this Beautiful and best MacBook Air Cases 13 inch collection is offered at an affordable price. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is quite similar in a lot of ways in terms such as: the physical dimension, the screen sizes,.. yet there are some distinct differences between the two that will persuade you to go with the one over the other. Moving forward, you will notice that the MacBook Air has definitely hold up to its name currently right now, being just a bit thinner overall and obviously, taper from one end to the other which is just slightly thinner than the 13 inch Pro. When it comes to weight, the 13 inch Air is also lighter with 2.96 pounds versus 3.46 pounds of the Pro.

The cool and cheap MacBook Air Cases 13 inch collection has 17 compatible, stunning, cheap cases to choose. With a short description attached to each case, we hope you will find the best suit for your innovative Macbook Air 13 inch.

01. Millimeter Mac Book Air case Transparent Antiscratch Soft-Touch PC Crystal Clear Macbook Air Case Cover Accessories for 13 inches

I was totally impressed by the outlook of this case. It is a super slim and transparent design total fit for Mac book Air . It is fully vented order to minimum the heat from the Air’s components while it is running. This case is a creative and interesting choice for your Mac. You should consider this one.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$19.99″]

02. iBenzer – 2 in 1 Soft-Skin Smooth Finish Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case Cover & Keyboard Cover

A hard coat case which is designed for only MacBook Air 13 inch is presented in this Beautiful And Cheap MacBook Air Cases 13 Inch. It is covered by an elegant and professional color and has a variety of color choice for you to highlight you personal style. Many customers reviewed this one is 100% fit with their MacBook and they loves the charming matching keyboard protector. It is a slim but solid protection to your Mac.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$25.99″]

03. Mosiso MacBook Air 13 inch Case, Premium Quality PU Leather Book Cover Clip On Folio Flip Case Sleeve with Stand Function

This case comes with 3D-Square Pattern design in basic black and has a variety of wonderful colors to suit your personal style. This one provides a super solid protection with shock-absorbing features to protect all around your Pro. Magnetic closure design ensures the lap not to split out from the case. The safety of your lap is its priority. Besides, it also offers unique kickstand design for a more comfortable handing feeling and a better vìewing without. Don’t miss it.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$19.99″]

04. Kuzy – AIR 13-inch BLACK Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Air 13.3″

Compatible with the 13 inch Air, this KUZY leather case perfectly fits your MacBook all the way. This one provides your device from hard plastic case for full protection, full access to all ports and buttons to Apple logo shine through the case without cut out design. It also offer you 15 available amazing colors. There is nothing to complaint about this case and you will see what I’m right once you have purchased it.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$21.99″]

05. RiverPanda Lightweight Ultra Slim Metallic Coated Hard Case Cover

A beautiful case for girls, the design comes with simplicity and pinky shows the girly style and elegant look. this one is design to compatible with MacBook Air 13-inch only. Made of High Quality Dow Polycarbonate material, the case offers durable protection from accidental hard knocks and scratches. It also provide ventilation to avoid over – heat and it is really easy for you to snap on and off. This is an interesting candidate for girl’s case in this collection.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$11.30″]

06.  Pasonomi® Rubberized Hard Case for Apple MacBook Air 13.3

Simple and professional are things you can easily see in this case’s appearance.

The color is beautiful and various to choose. This one fits 100% on your Mac like a glove and is pretty easy to snap on. It comes from the famous Pasonomi so that there’s no doubt about its high quality which will give your Mac the execllent protection. Three words for it: thin, simple but solid.

[mn_amz asin=”®-Rubberized-MacBook-Air/dp/B017IMAXOA” price=”$10.99″]

7.  Macbook Air 13 Sleeve, Vakoo Envelope Style Ultrathin Protective Portable Waterproof PU Leather MacBook Air Laptop Bag Sleeve Case with Carrying Strap

So professional and elegant outlook the case is. Being covered in brown, this case completely is suitable for those who is working in business field with slim fit and lightweight . An unique material that can resist against heat, water, shock,… is very ideal for a case and this case is made from it. Combined with unique stand design to against over-heating and provide a better viewing. Be quick and this case will be yours.

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$59.99″]


08.  Macbook Air 13 inch Case Sleeve with Stand, OMOTON Wallet Sleeve Case for Macbook Air 13 inch, Ultrathin Carrying Bag with Stand

The case made of imported synthetic leather and polycarbonate inner is protective enough to keep damages away from your MacBook Air. Using extra – strength automatic latch to preventing your Macbook Air from slipping out while you are bring it along. Unique design with 9° stand comply with human engineering helps heat-releasing, maintains your devices perfectly working and creates a better and more comfortably viewing. Don’t miss it !

[mn_amz asin=”” price=”$13.99″]


09. ProCase 13 – 13.5 Inch Sleeve Cover Protective Bag

With the appearance looks like a hand-bag, this case is portable, you can bring it along with you to everywhere. About the function, you can be at ease because of bunch of protective features it owns such as: it is made from soft and environmentally friendly materialsl; zipper closure which is firm and sealed, once,… Click the link below for more details and maybe this is the one you need.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$20.99″]

10. Inateck 13.3 Inch MacBook Air Sleeve Case

We are having a high-quality case in this collection. A gray, leather case with no colorful, complicated patterns, it will go well with your business style. Moreover, its Synthetic leather Velcro closure is the wonderful solution for best secure, the 13 inch Air is totally safe when it is put in this case.

[mn_amz asin=”″ price=”$36.99″]

We’ve just been through 10 wonderful cases in the Beautiful and best MacBook Air Cases 13 inch collection. As its name just said, these are all fantastic cases that MacBook Air’s users long to own and surprisingly, they are all affordable. Be quick and get one case for yourself!


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