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Best And Cool Dell Venue 8 Pro Cases

Dell Venue 8 Pro is a recently launched product of Dell, one of the largest technological corporations in the world. The innovation is promising to bring users totally new and awesome experience with the help of Dell chip and technology.

The greatest issue is the battery life. This cool tablet, like most of other tablets, is said to be great for consumption of content – books, movies, music, learning applications,…but unlike others, it allows using in as long as 10 hours for either working or entertaining. Even though the screen size is a little bit small for looking into for long time, the resolution is great and you can also fix the small screen by enlarging the font size of words. It would be unnecessary to say how fantastic Dell Venue 8 Pro is, whoever owns one would feel completely satisfied.

Valuable things usually need careful protection, and this tablet is definitely not an exception. The problem is there are hundreds of goods in the chaos market; hardly could we be sure of what we purchase. If then, this category of Best and cool Dell Venue 8 Pro cases would be a great help. Containing over 10 options, which are either designed for or compatible with Dell Venue 8 Pro. Each of them are unique in its own way, which means, this collection is guaranteed to meet any requires and fit in any situations you may have. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s take a look and pick something up for your baby.

1. Klear Cut Protector Pack feature 3x Ultra Clear screen protectors

01-KlearCut [3 Pack] - Screen Protector for Dell Venue 8 Pro - Lifetime Replacement Warranty Anti-Bubble

This item is highly recommended due to lots of its features. Imported from Japan, its brilliant multi-layer film prevents your tablet’s screen from being scratched or scraped. Additionally, an Anti-Bubble silicone layer would make it easier for you to wear it on. The best thing is the Lifetime Warranty Program which promises to replace your Klear Cut pad when it is damaged, regardless of the reasons and status.

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2. Dell Venue 8 Pro Light & Slim Simple Pouch Protect Case Sleeve Bag (Black)

02-Dell Venue 8 Pro Light & Slim Simple Pouch Protect Case Sleeve Bag (Black)

This product is one of a kind that is customized solely for Dell Venue 8 Pro. Appearing in black, the bag would possibly make your tablet look more elegant. Its name has also showed its special point: light and slim. There will be no difficult or annoyance in keeping your tablet in this case sleeve bag as you may feel no extra weight or increased size. Furthermore, the structure inside assures to be soft against the screen, so there is no threat.

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3. Cooper Cases(TM) Infinite Executive Dell Venue 8

03-Cooper Cases(TM) Infinite Executive Dell Venue 8

This object is a kind of general design which could corporate well with any tablets with 7-to-8-inch screens including Dell Venue 8 Pro. The very awesome feature is not only protector, but the product also provides you a Bluetooth keyboard, making your tablet turn into a real PC or laptop. No large and heavy computers anymore! Now instead of touching the screen to type, you can use this wireless keyboard; your typing speed will be increased.

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4. Fintie Blade X1 Dell Venue 8 Pro (Windows 8.1) Keyboard Case

04-Fintie Blade X1 Dell Venue 8 Pro

Upcoming is another keyboard case with a low price for you. You will pay about $7.00 less to get an only-for-Dell-Venue-8-Pro wireless keyboard and ultra slim stand cover. Your baby will be extremely save when either staying in your bag or standing in landscape mode. The item is a combination of best components: Premium polycarbonate shell, high-end-ABS keyboard, durable PU leather cover and soft, microfiber-lined interior. Should you buy from Fintie, you will obtain a full package of Fintie Bluetooth Case and Keyboard, micro USB cable, instruction manual, manufacturer warranty and superb customer service.

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5. Fintie Dell Venue 8 Pro (Windows 8.1) Slim Shell Case

05-Fintie Dell Venue 8 Pro

Supposed you do not need or feel like the design of wireless keyboard, this article is something you should look for. As produced just for Dell Venue 8 Pro, the case would, without any doubt, best fit your device physically and technologically. The greatest thing is its dozens of outlooks, from bright to dark, from gentle to strong colors, which means no matter how you want your case to look like; this product can always fulfill your desire.

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6. Synthetic Leather Tablet Sleeve by Dockem

06-Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 Sleeve, Dell Venue 8 PRO and LG G Pad 8

Out of stock

Here comes Dockem with their tablet sleeve appeared as a so-called user-friendly style. Made from leather, its elegant dark brown color may be to anyone’s taste. With this product, how to protect the baby well is no longer an issue thanks to the soft microfiber and cushion. Also, this sleeve is incredibly slim and ultra light. Along with the function of sliding in and out easily, the item has believed to be best suit users’ demands.


7. E LV Dell Venue 8 Pro Case

07-Dell Venue 8 Pro Case, E LV Dell Venue 8 Pro Case Cover 360 rotating Lightweight case

Tired of drawing by fingers and no shape comes out? Sick of trying to rotate the screen manually? If so, you ought to try this item out. The cover has a unique rotating circle that lets you easily switch between portrait and landscape position. What’s more, the package also includes a stylus. Now you will not be afraid of fingerprints or scratches on the screen since you do not need to touch it directly anymore.

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8. Bobj Rugged Case

08-Bobj Rugged Case for Dell Venue 8 PRO Windows 8 Tablet

Looking for something else? Something really amazing and unique? Let’s take a look at this one. No more plain-look, no more simple color, this is a whole new experience. The surface now is designed as rugged as rock to bring best protection from drops to your device. Moreover, the producers have incorporated a small detail called speaker chamber, allowing better sound. You will be pleased choosing what color you love from various one provided.

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9. IVSO Dell Venue 8 Pro (Windows 8.1) Ultra-Thin High Quality Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case

09-IVSO Dell Venue 8 Pro (Windows 8

A premier product for your baby! Including Bluetooth Keyboard, fantastic Stand and top-quality Protecting Case, the whole goods allow you to both work and entertain during moving time. Furthermore, the keyboard is designed after laptop style; therefore, no difficulties would be found on using. Only required 2.5 to 3 hours of charging, the article promises to stay with you for an entire working period of up to 60 hours.

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10. Aerb® Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Stand Case for Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows Tablet

10-Aerb® Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Stand Case for Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows

Around ten dollars cheaper than the above-mentioned item, this one could fit your budget well. Recommended by over 200 users, this high-class keyboard is confirmed to connect quickly and well without any issues. This is perfect as a keyboard and also for watching TV, causing the feel of something double the price. Should you do not need a keyboard, a case is enough, feel free to take the keyboard out as it is removable.

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11. Bear Motion Case for DELL Venue

11-Bear Motion Case for DELL Venue - Premium Folio Case

Making from long-lasting material – PU leather, this object is definitely an economical choice. It looks professional along with a great Bluetooth keyboard. Supposed you do not have a computer, why don’t you dress your tablet up to take over the functionality of a PC? Together with this item, your Venue will be more than just a tablet. It is, indeed, a laptop. Let’s give it a shot.

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12. Skinomi TechSkin – Dell Venue 8 Pro Screen Protector Ultra Clear Shield + Black Carbon Fiber Full Body Protective Skin

12-Skinomi TechSkin - Dell Venue 8 Pro Screen

Shall we come back to the very standard base? Skinomi offers Venue’s users a full-box protector including Screen Shield and Body Cover. If it is not your wish to increase the weight and size of the tablet by using cases or sleeves, then try this on. Made from durable component, the screen shield pad provides a better and longer protection to your device. In addition, the shape and appearance of the protective skin would give your tablet a better and more luxurious look.

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The twelve above Best and cool Dell Venue 8 Pro cases have been carefully selected and highly recommended by producers and consumers all over the world. Their quality materials have been tested both in lab rooms and through practical usage. They are all available in the market – you can easily reach them by clicking the link below each. The appearance of your Venue will reflect your personality, take time to look through and pick up what best fit your taste.

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